Coming from a proper pierogi eating family, I imagined sad life without them as I turned vegan. Good news! You don't need eggs to make the dough at all and any of the popular fillings will have a vegan version.

To those who never tried them: Pierogi are heavy food. This is what makes people feel warm during Polish cold winters and so on, so you might find them different if you are used to lighter stuff. I have them from time to time during the whole year, though, maybe a bit less in summer, because I love them so much! Also it is a good option for those craving meat people as it really fills you up but is not hard to digest at the same time.

I will start with the basic dough which is universal for fillings - sweet or savoury. I will post recipes for fillings separately.

The dough

½ kg flour (you can use any, for example mix 60% wheat flour, and 40% spelt)

1 cup of hot water

2 tbsp of olive oil

pinch of salt


Mix the flours, add salt, add water and start kneading. After 3-4 mins add oil a nd knead a bit more. Ready!

Roll out, make sure its not too thin. Cut out circles with a glass/cup. (You can cover the part of dough you are not using to save it from drying out)

Put a tbsp of filling in the centre of each circle of dough and join the edges to form pierogi.


 Put them in gently boiling water with salt, make sure they don't stick to the bottom,  and cook for about 5 mins after they rise to the surface.









For savoury ones serve with fried onion or vegan butter. Sweet ones can be served with cream, sugar, butter or crumbles fried with sugar and butter. Also the best pierogi will be fried if you like slightly crunchy taste.  Before frying pierogi need to be cooked in water first, and then after they cooled down or on the next day you can just fry them on a bit of vegan butter.They are lovely!

How to make the Pierogi Fillings? Read More on :

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Comment by Julie Dillon on June 23, 2012 at 10:58am

Looks great thanks for post!

Comment by Kasia on August 27, 2012 at 5:19am

You're welcome. I hope you'll like them!


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