We need places for soothing, nurturing. As I see I “roller-coast” up and down, something poked me to (try to) write lately. It’s just that im like most beings, immersed in everyday stuff that I tend to loose the bigger picture? Yet, maybe we are so busy, with our personal set woes, that we are not seeing the BIGGER purpose displayed just … about NOW in our skies.

We are again entrenched in the world’s sufferings, the murmur or many things expected and demanded, our daily personal roller-coasters, and we fail to see a beautiful gifts we are given.Taking about these personal thoughts for me is like taking a trip down a lane that might be tricky. As I lay in my garden(My own little heaven on earth area) on the grass looking up to the sky. For me it comes like a gift ,my thoughts. For days, I’ve been saying to myself “what now !” …The answers are not there !”…Sometimes letting one piece of thought run in a loop makes me feel numb. So, in this big whirlwind (quite literally the way I feel) it’s a big comfort to just lay on the grass, that really helps. Meditating, connecting with nature.

I love to look for signs. I do everytwhere. :) In the sky, in clouds, in animal behavior, in music lyrics, in a whole lot of synchronicities … There is plenty of around“Love from Heaven“, as I call it !( Great picture by the way! I took laying in my garden! You can see the moon! <3 A moon, brilliantly streaking through my skies. Visible already even when the night has not yet set upon me.Some of us feel a call, coming from deep indside. Maybe even something very ancient, that is now resurfacing clearly. A need to step even further into my true path, and immerse myself in what I feel i am called to do. I guess I am still seraching for what that is for me.

Step by step, I am getting back, and claiming back myself.I am allowing myself to LOVE me. Thus I am allowing myself to Love YOU !

It is as simple as that.

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