The Spiritual benefits of being a Vegeterian !

If you are a person who regularly meditates, you would know that on some days your meditation goes so smoothly with no distractions whereas on other occasions you find it so difficult to sit in meditation as the mind tends to wander around like a hopping monkey from one thought to another! You might feel helpless at times in making your mind focus on a particular thing and might think you are less capable of doing meditation as compared to those who are adept in it. Well, the real cause for this problem may actually lie in the kind of Food you eat ! To understand this, you first need to understand three "Laws of the Land", as I call them, which are:

1. The "Law of survival in this world":  To survive yourself, You HAVE to Kill or injure other Life forms !!

2. The "Law of Karma": What you do to others, will find its way back to you magnified several times !!

3. This is more of a fact than a Law, "Characteristic of our sub-conscious mind": Our sub-conscious mind is actually bigger, more active and more powerful than what we normally call the conscious mind !!

The end result of the above 3 rules is that, to live we have to kill, if we kill then someone in the future would kill us (probably multiple times in different births due to the "magnifying" aspect of the 2nd rule above) and since killing has gone into our sub-conscious we are sure to repeat it at some point of time thereby extending the vicious cycle infinitely and making our escape from it simply impossible !

Agree or not, but this is indeed the kind of world we are stuck in !! How much ever we may want to, but we are unfortunately not living in a world where Love prevails all around and where no violence of any form is required for our survival. If you are a Non-vegeterian you are evidently killing (directly or indirectly) but sadly enough, even if you are a Vegeterian, you are still killing since plants are life-forms too !

Given that we can't escape from laws described above, how can we potentially come out of this vicious cycle?

Well, we need to begin with minimizing the negative impact of our Karmas for sure !

There are different kinds of Life forms in this world. Some are microscopic and much less complex as compared to some others which are bigger and more complicated. In general at a high level, the complexity of life forms varies in the following order:

Single cellular microbes < Multi-cellular microbes < Plants < insects < Birds < Animals < Humans.

Nature has had to put in varying degree of effort proportionate to the level of complexity of the life form it created. Hence, killing a plant is not same as killing an insect or an animal and certainly not same as killing a human being from a Karmic perspective. By killing a plant we remove from this world a living form whose level of contribution in this world (if it would've survived) would have been much less than the contribution that a higher living form (insect, animal, human, etc) would've been able to make. Therefore, its removal has much less negative impact on the world as compared to that of killing an animal or human. Hence, eating plants leads to much less Karma (that we need to pay off in the future - in this birth or next) as compared to eating animals. Moreover, plants don't have a family, emotional attachments, psychology and relationships (mother/child, siblings, girl-friends, spouses, etc) that animals and humans and many insects very much have. When an animal is killed, it is full of emotions like fear, anger and vengeance ! Hence, when we eat an animal's dead body (after roasting it in fire and sprinkling it with vegeterian spices to hide its true identity) these emotions silently find their way into our sub-conscious mind as well! Eventually, this hampers good meditation as they attract all sorts of negative thoughts into our mind when we try to focus on something !

Hence, eating plant based food keeps our Karma light which in turn helps in good meditation. Also, depending on the kind of meditation you practise, a varying degree of negative Karma does get burnt up during meditation. Therefore, being a Veggy and meditating regularly, gradually starts to slow you down in the vicious cycle of Karma described above and eventually you are able to get out of it !

So Be a Veggy and Meditate regularly !!

God bless you !!!

Love and regards,




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Comment by Peggy on October 29, 2013 at 10:34am

ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm ;)

Comment by Microcosm on November 1, 2013 at 11:16pm
Hmmmmm thank you my brother God bless
Comment by Jonathan Neuzil on November 3, 2013 at 1:34am

yes! <3 :)

Comment by Helena Miro Quesada on November 3, 2013 at 6:49am

As simple as logics and philosohpy! There are facts that just can't be denied. Blessings!

Comment by Stefanie on November 3, 2013 at 12:35pm


Comment by Gayathri on November 4, 2013 at 1:52pm

Nice explanation and well written.


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