I've just recently become pregnant and I have only been a vegetarian for about 5 months now, my husband is not only a meat eater but a chef as well. My cravings for meat especially chicken is through the roof. It's frustrating for me bc I usually do all the cooking and he doesn't like to eat what I cook and I'm honestly not a fan of it anyways so we end up eating out a lot which will need to stop when the baby comes so I'm having a hard time being a vegetarian right now. Any suggestions.

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Comment by Lauren Woods on March 14, 2013 at 5:41pm

First off, congrats :) That is wonderful news! As William suggested, there are some faux meats which might ease your pregnancy cravings! Your body needs to create tons of new cells, which is why it might be craving meat- so make sure you get lots of iron and other good schtuff <3


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