Oops... my second last year as a "Teen" will end next week, Yes, 23 September 2013 will mark my nineteenth birthday!

What comes to mind when you talk about birthdays?



Birthday Cakes?



Birthday booze?

Nah, I don't drink. Hehe.

Traditionally, a birthday cake is a MUST (at least in the birthdays that I've seen so far), apart from cute little gifts, parties and special birthday dedications, such as videos, cards, etc. We usually collect little happy birthday notes from the entire class to be compiled into a huge card to be given to the birthday-boy or birthday-girl.

I kept wondering how to celebrate my birthday. Yes, it is special because it is the day that commemorates MY MOTHER'S SUFFERINGS TO BRING ME INTO THIS WORLD.

I want my birthday to be unique and memorable, yet cost-effective. Party? No, that's too expensive. Dumbbells? Well, I want that but it is quite costly as well. Boyfriend wrapped in a huge box? Nah, I am pulling your leg.

I remind myself that I must celebrate being nineteen as the final year as a teen, and that I must be more mature and responsible for my destiny thereafter. Besides, I want my birthday to be filled with lots of love. I want to celebrate it with many people; happiness is meant to be SHARED, right?

Hence, I decided to do some things for my birthday...

1) Begin a recycling drive among my batch mates. I want to collect recyclables from them over a period of three weeks (17 September 2013-4 October 2013) to have them sent to Tzu-Chi Recycling Center on 6 October 2013 (Sunday). I hope to raise awareness among them to recycle actively to save our ailing Mother Earth, which is our ONLY home. The proceeds from recycling will go to the treatment of dialysis patients, too. I would like to have recycling campaigns within my class every month to reduce the amount of rubbish and save our resources as well.

2) Vegucate my close friends. I think of sharing documentaries such as "Food Inc", "The Earthlings" and Paul McCartney's video on "If Slaughterhouses have Glass Walls" with my close friends. I hope I can help them to reconnect with our animal friends and cultivate their love towards animals. Whether they ditch meat or otherwise does not matter. Of course, I hope they will go vegetarian or vegan! They love their pets, but sadly they consume other animal pals. This was my lifestyle, and now that I am a vegetarian, I hope I can help them extend their compassion beyond human beings.

3) Learn up vegan baking, without my mother realizing that my cakes/cookies are vegan themselves! I can only keep this until the year-end vacations as I will have more time then.

4) Write poems and some short stories, hopefully?

I wonder if my demands are a little too much. To me, I must do something meaningful every day, including my birthday because I want to thank my parents for bringing me up. I want to repay their hopes for me to become a worthy person in the society. Besides, the seeds of love are meant to be spread far and wide.

Whoever who thinks of giving me gifts, I advise you to donate the money to the needy instead. They need love and care. I am fortunate enough to be among the richest 8% in the world because I have the basic necessities, complete physique and good health to survive. 

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Comment by Noy on September 21, 2013 at 3:47pm

You're one heckuva girl, Sharon. An idealistic teenager with the courage of her convictions. Why don't I have a niece like you?

Comment by Sharon Ng Huey Yuek on September 21, 2013 at 4:13pm

Woah, that's a compliment too huge man! *blushing*

I only wish to live a meaningful life and hope to transform the world for the better (okay, at least my community, as a future teacher), but, thank you Noy! :D


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