omegas and EPA. Are we lacking these nutrients?

Hey everyone. I have a friend who's been a lifetime vegetarian like me. He's pretty good at research. I told him that I wanted to start taking vitamin b12 and omegas since from what I read as a vegetarian/vegan we are most likely deficient in those nutrients. He doesn't try to tell anyone what diet they should have but he said "I would only take Omega oil if it has an EPA DHA ratio that is considerably higher for EPA. I think we eat a lot of nuts and vegetable oils which contain more than enough DHA. By taking a supplement that has more DHA than EPA I believe I would only worsen the already low (almost non existent) EPA ratio in my body." Is there anyone out there knowledgeable in nutrition or supplements who could tell me if there is any vegan alternative with a high EPA ratio? It might be useful for all of us to know. I know that there are many vegans/vegetarians who feel better with their current diet but if we are deficient in certain nutrients it might affect some of us in a negative way and we may not even realize it. Hoping either these nutrients are not necessary or that there is a good vegan alternative.

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