After having gone through the mental journey from unconscious flesh-eater to vegetarian and then vegan (and realising that it turns into a spiritual evolution as well), I realised some time back that, if ethics and morality are part of one's reasons for making the change, this really is an ultimate expression of love. Expanding one's love and compassion to all living things.

I try to tell curious people that although learning the horrifying truth about the lives our habits affect and making the connection is extremely saddening, uncomfortable and painful, they should really try to look at it as an opportunity to make an incredibly positive change in their lives. As most of us know, facing the truth means taking responsibility for our actions, and being more conscious of the atrocities we humans commit all the time does invite a lot of pain but also the potential for a lot of joy.

It's a GOOD thing and I feel it's important that this message be expressed to people that are on the edge of waking up. I usually recommend they watch and I know that there will likely be tears involved and that they might want to turn away and shut it out, so I try to reinforce the positive aspect in the hope that they will see the entire documentary through. Once that happens, there's usually no turning back and they start that special, absolutely essential journey for themselves and then spread this to others around them.

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Comment by Celeste on September 21, 2013 at 3:25am

 For me, becoming Vegan has really turned into a spiritual journey, so I can really appreciate what you're saying. :) I love that you are recommending Earthlings. My husband has had such a hard time with the thought of going completely vegan, but a few weeks back he sat down and watched it. The change in his whole outlook on animals since watching it is miraculous. 

It's interesting, i used to think that I was an animal lover and did no harm. All the while eating physically and spiritually blocking foods like icecream and cheese, never realizing that what I was doing was not ok. My change of heart happened when I moved onto a farm. We weren't vegetarian yet and decided that we wanted to raise chickens for eggs and have a few milking goats. As a curious person always wanting to learn more, I looked into where all the male chicks went. It horrified me! I felt sick for having been apart of that. Needless to say, a year later, We have 32 chickens who will live their lives out until they get old and die happy, and 4 goats that have the funniest personalities who will also do the same. More than anything it has been spiritually awakening. I never considered them to be as important as me, but I do now.

I love the way you describe how to educate others. I don't want to shove anything down anyones throat, but suggesting " they should really try to look at it as an opportunity to make an incredibly positive change in their lives" make far more sense. It has to be based off of Love, and Love only. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I feel as though I could help educate others in a more peaceful way now. Looks like sometimes we just need to hear it from someone else for it to click...


Comment by Dylan John Barsby on September 21, 2013 at 1:10pm

What a joy to read :D Thanks for sharing Celeste.


Comment by Natalie on October 29, 2013 at 9:33pm

This is a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. This is so similar to my spiritual awakening, it fills me with joy to know other people have traveled a similar path as well. I do feel like a better person now that I've minimized the pain I cause the other living beings, and this is the best thing I could have ever done with my life.

My dream is for all the people to realize this. I hope I live to see the day when that happens.


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