Imagine for a moment with me how it would be like to produce the same amount of your favorite veggies without taking up a large space like in traditional horizontal garden.

Vertical garden is so easy to plan and build, and the best thing about it is the amount of space it saves and the ease of reaching the fruits during harvest. It provides a healthier growing condition for plants due to a better air circulation. Your crops does not touch the ground, thus avoiding soil borne diseases and crawling pests and insects.

Before starting out, there are certain things you need to do to ensure a fruitful garden. Just like in traditional planting, you need to locate an area that can give full sunshine as possible, at least six hours or so. Your patio, deck, balcony and porch are a good place as long as they are on a sunny side. You also need to consider your water source, especially if you are planting in containers which need frequent watering.

Choose your plants accordingly. Sunlight is the number one factor in determining the right type of plant that will grow, especially in an urban environment where areas are generally shaded most of the day. If your area does not get enough good sunlight, your best choice is leafy greens like cabbage and lettuce which can thrive with limited sunlight. And if you a\u80re lucky to have a full day of sunshine, your choices of crops to plant is much wider. You can grow radishes, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and carrots as well as vine crops like pumpkins, cucumbers, and squash.

When constructing your vertical structures, do it ahead of your planting to prevent damaging the plants and make sure that the structure is sturdy as mature plants loaded with fruits can be very heavy. Vertical supports attached to a wall must have enough space in between to provide good air circulation. Your vertical support structures can be a trellis, wire cage, tripods, walls, A frames, shelves, or any design that will grow your crops upward.

Remember to start small if you are a rookie gardener like me, and add more crops when you get the hang of it. I tell you, it can be quite overwhelming starting big.

Have fun gardening and a bountiful harvest ahead.

Go organic. Grow your own food. You can check my other post on vegetables that are easy to grow on your own.

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