Birthday Gifts? They are really duh and boring-lah.

Everyone gets gifts, cakes, etc. during his/her birthday. I don't want it because such a birthday is way too clichéd. Instead, here is what my birthday like...

As you can see, my birthday is quite a trashy birthday. Yea, TRASH. I specially requested my course mates to collect their recyclables and give them to me, because I want a GREEN birthday! Green is my favourite colour and I think that we are held accountable for Mother Nature, being among the most intelligent Earthlings.

Hence, I have this recycling campaign in my class so that I can help reduce the amount of rubbish and conserve some resources. If you have read my previous post, I will send these trash to the Tzu-Chi Recycling Center in Bayan Lepas, Penang. Since I am doing this by myself, I can only collect from my class (I go there via a friend's vehicle, so there is no way for me to take LOADS of recyclables there!)

Day One. Pitifully little.

I am happy that my course mates support my cause for washing up the recyclables and sending them to me. Of course, snide remarks are inevitable. I earned the nickname of "The Garbage Collector" among some of my female course mates. Who cares, as long as I know what am I doing and why am I doing, I GO FOR IT!

I have no time for useless work, seriously.

Okay, enough of emo-ing here. Actually I do this on my free will, because I think it is a waste for recyclables to go straight into the landfills. Trash CAN BE cash. What is more, in this case, the proceeds of recycling goes to funding the treatment of dialysis patients in the Tzu-Chi Dialysis Center! At nineteen, which is my last year of being a teenager, I tell myself that I MUST always be grateful for what I have and give back to the society. My birthday is the day my mother suffers, so I must be a useful daughter to repay her dedication in bringing me up, too.

Fingers crossed, I can motivate my friends to recycle for the Mother Earth.

Ah, before I hit the sack (I need to wake up early for revision! Gosh the exam is around the corner and I have not even begin studying!), here is my "birthday cake"...


I regret for not photographing this right when I return from campus, only today when the cakes are almost finished. Blame on my for being a glutton and mooncake-addict. I swear that these homemade mooncakes beat those pricey, fancy-flavoured store-bought mooncakes hands-down because the ingredients are 100% natural. The purple colour of the flaky skin comes from sweet potatoes, by the way. Thank you mum!

 I wish that all compassionate beings will keep on to their cause, and the seeds of love spread far and wide around the world. Not to forget, 4-flat in my examinations LOL.

It is three-and-half hours before I turn nineteen (Malaysian time), so...

Happy Birthday to me.

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Comment by Noy on September 29, 2013 at 1:04pm

So did your first week as a nineteen-year-old turn out according to your plans and wishes? 

Comment by Sharon Ng Huey Yuek on September 29, 2013 at 3:13pm

Writing, yes. Vegucating, epic fail. My friends just shun at documentaries and prefer game shows and mocking at vegetarians-sometimes.
Recycling: coming week; baking: end of the year.
Right now I have an added wish: STUDYING!!!

*Pardon this commentor because she is at the brink of insanity of endless homework!


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