Wow , I didn't think they would stop bothering me , but they kind of did ! Yes people , my family started to deal with my lifestyle , they maybe got me but I don't think so ! I'm proud for being who I am , and for making such differences !  Mom stopped yelling and arguing me to force me to eat meat or drink milk ! I'm really Good ! Dad still wants me to eat honey and fish , so does mom , but hell no ! My siblings , I guess they're happy for me being vegetarian ... because they want to eat more meat ! 

It's a pity , I want to change them but they making fun of this idea ! They're going to lose anyway !

What I see is , if everyone starts dropping meat and feeling concerned about his health and his environment , it would be less creatures dying and happier we'll be living ! 

Everybody has to start loving our mother earth , People , you've been rising all the time it's her turn to rise now !

Love Planet , Love Life , Love Veggie ! 


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