So , to start I'm Zeineb , and I'm 15 and I'm Tunisian . So through the past two years , I've been thinking all the time of becoming a vegetarian but I never had enough courage to start because I didn't know how to start exactly . I had a friend on FaceBook that I found on a Lovatic group , she asked who's vegetarian , but some said no one here is vegetarian and we have to eat meat and God created animals that we can eat them and that stuff . I defented her because I find it gross how they're being so greedy just to satisfy themselves ! I think God never want us to harm those creatures , never ! We're not born to make those poor animals suffer from us , we're born to protect them , the environment ! I kept talking with this friend , and we had a huge conversation about Veganism ! Since then , I never had a product coming from animals , I wanted this change for so long , for my health , for animals , for our planet ! It's just so hard for me to love those creatures and then kill them to eat ! That's a shame ! I used to sleep only with milk because it relaxes me , and it always calm me down , I thought it would be impossible quitting milk , maybe I would go insane . But before I sleep I take an apple , infact I'm an apple lover , .. You won't believe me if I say I sleep so much better , I have no headaches anymore ... This must be the most amazing week of my life .. My family couldn't understand me , and especially they were frightened about me not having enough Calcium for my bones , that issue is freaking me out but I know Vegetables and Fruit would provide that in a healthy way ... I feel that I have lighte and healthier body ! The first week is so amazing ! I'm so grateful for Finding Eva who pushed me and encouraged me to do it , because without her I would have never felt this way and be willing to be a better person ...

We have to stop our greed because it's never too late ! You can do it now !

I can't wait to see what the next week hides ... Z xx

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Comment by Sandeep on September 11, 2015 at 3:47pm

This is inspiring .. !


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