Sorry for being late this time! But I'm here now , so yay ! Anyway , I started this week with a pass_out ! It was pretty hard for me , but I could get over it ! All my family are blaming my life style ! They still don't get it !
I'm so happy that I changed my life before it's too late , but believe me , it's never too late ! You just to have the big step , and it's the first one , and you'll see , it's not so hard , it will make you believe in yourself and know that you are strong and can make it work ! It all depends on you , your health , your happiness , your planet ... everything depends on your will !
Trust me , I hesitated two years before I took the right decision , I was afraid .. not afraid but worried about giving up all that food and junk .. But believe me when I made the first step , it all changed , and I love myself moe and more !
Actually , I regret every single moment I spent eating junk or meat or anything related , I even cried many times , for not caring for my body , my health .. And all my regret is what I put in my mouth without being concerned about it !
Please , wake up , you have to change everything and you'll see the benefits of it ! Not only on you but on everything !
I have a good news babes , so I lost one jeans size and I was so freaking happy !
I still have one problem that I don't get respect for being a vegan ! My family is making me a joke , it really hurts ! And all what they do is tempting me : "Oh we have lasagna tomorrow , oh Yoghurt tastes amazing ! I love pizza ! " They don't know that they're making me stronger and all I do is stuck myself in my room and let them eat what they want , I tried to advise but I surrendred because they kept hurting me ! Well , I'm going to keep myself for myself !
That's it , I love myself like this and I love the fact of being healthy , not having headaches , sleeping well !
Hey by the way , I had a nightmare :" I was eating lots of cheese and yoghurt and I woke up in the middle of the night screaming" ! It was so scary , I don't know but I'm feeling something is bad is going to happen !
Anyway , I have to go now , I'll see you next week ! Love you x
Z x

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