I just read an interesting article on Forbes Magazine website (Click Here for Article!) stating that Americans have decreased their meat consumption by 12.2% since the big 2007 E. Coli scare that caused Hudson Foods to recall 25 MILLION pounds of ground beef, throughout American markets. Being that an average cow weighs about 1,600 pounds, I guesstimate that means about 15,625 cows lost their lives just to be pulverized, processed, and then thrown in the trash and not consumed. Isn't it sad that American's have only decreased meat consumption by 12.2% over FIVE years!?!? That's only 2.44% per year. How "utterly" depressing. 

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Comment by Lauren Woods on April 27, 2012 at 4:29pm

Given the mindset of so many meat eaters, I feel baffled there has been progress at all! Lol :) But it is a disgusting thought, that many cows being murdered, with no intent on even using their remains.

Comment by Lo & Behold on April 27, 2012 at 9:09pm

Right!? Progress....America? Who would have thought? LOL.....And it's not that there was no intent to use their remains, I mean, they WANTED to be able to sell their meat, but with the infection it kinda made it useless- but the cows were killed for nothing, nonetheless. 

Now if you want to talk about animals dying for nothing, just look straight at PETA. Yup, the very group that is supposed to save animals and animal production, sometimes goes out of their way to make points that actually hurt animals too.....my example is how PETA stood outside of fur shows/runways waiting for the models to come out wearing expensive rare animal furs and PETA threw red paint ALL over the models wearing the fur pieces to make a point that it was murder.....HOWEVER, because PETA ruin the furs with permanent red paint, the animals that had already died for fashion, can't even be used as fur coats (as horrible as it is to have anyways). My point being that, even though I try not to wear leather/suede goods, if an animal has already died for it, someone needs to be wearing the animals product or else the animals literally died for nothing. But I guess its counterproductive to wear the leather goods given that we shouldn't be supporting leather production, but like I said- if no one uses what's already been transformed into leather goods, then the animals just lost their lives for nothing. It's such a backward-ass world, in the world of fur/skin trade.  Anyways, that's my rant on that....lol (little shift of topic....lol)....


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