Aggression or Non- Aggression ( Things to talk about )

It's not just about being kind to animals,veganism or vegetarianism. It's being kind to humans & the Planet also..If you look at the attitude of, and the in-fighting amongst the vegan pc crowd they are definitely not ones that represent me.Though, in the pass, I've ran the vegetarian community page which is almost a million strong and know all the drama and in-fighting that goes on.And, the making fun of people.

Its really (not) funny because this is true! I dont like the vegan PC community as much as I like a local group of vegans or just my family who are vegan and vegetarians.( You know who you are ;) )

A lot of the PCcrowd gets caught up in drama and themselves.I know quite a few real plant eaters that are not aggressive( I'm one of them ;) ) and this is normal. I don’t let the aggressive of the crowd and you tubers paint the picture of me .They damage the movement with hate & egos, in my opinion. :/ I'm not apart of that ..We must find better ways ..

I turned to plants because I reached that place on my spiritual journey, Bodhisattva vow.Be true to yourself and what makes you happy is my motto.Yes, we all fail at times and I do miserly at times .But, I am much more happy and at peace after I made the switch, but no one forced it upon me, it was my choice.

That's the way ,with a no force policy.

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