Adorable Baby Horse Just Wants to Cuddle (VIDEO)

When we typically think of animals who like to snuggle with humans, cats and dogs come to mind. You certainly wouldn’t think of a horse wanting to cuddle up in your lap – but maybe we shouldn’t jump to that conclusion so quickly.

The baby horse in this video seems to want nothing more than to curl up with his human friend. In fact, baby horses are very similar to puppies and kittens that way. When they are young, horses are extremely curious and outgoing. This little foul doesn’t seem to have any qualms walking up to his new BFF and asking for a nice belly rub. Older horses tend to be more cautious and uneasy around new people – as you can see from the doting mother who checks in to make sure the baby is alright. But for now, this foul is exploring all the wonders of this exciting new world!

Enjoy your belly rub, little horse!


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