I have shared some very interesting posts with several people here.  It has been enlightening and confusing as well. Being married to a vegetarian (mostly vegan), and having a daughter that has been a vegetarian for over ten years, it has taken some time before I decided to do something about how I eat, about a year ago.  The date specific is Oct. 16, 2011 when my wife shared a wonderful video by Dr. Joel Fuhrman that was videoed at the Vegan Conference in Hawaii in 2003.  What changed my life by Dr. Fuhrman was that if you ate a plant based diet, you could not only stop heart disease, diabetes and cancer, but in many cases reverse it as well.  Secondly, he mentioned that on a plant-based diet you could eat as much as you want and lose weight.  I decided to give it a try and went cold turkey, (no turkeys were harmed, injured or eaten in this endeavor).  In two months, I dropped by blood pressure from 144/100 to 122/84 and lost 30 pounds.  Next week is my annual physical, where last my cholesterol was over 200.  I expect it will be much better.

Because being out with friends so much, and all the parties, needless to say I allowed myself the luxury of eating cheese, breads, desserts, etc., not in abundance, but enough that I put on 16 pounds.  Since the first of the year, I have gone back to a plant-based diet where I feel so much better an have lost 7 of those 16 pounds.

As I have done so much research, and have looked at data from doctors, nutritions, the web, you name it, I have become convinced that too many people are opting for what seems to me to be thinking they are doing good, while all along doing themselves so much harm.  We use the terms vegan and vegetarian as if it really means something.  Okay, we know that neither eats meat and the reasons vary from the poor treatment of animals to one's health.  Both lofty and excellent causes.  However, though taking care of animals is very important and I agree we should not eat them, what concerns me is what we do eat rather than what we don't eat. 

I cannot speak for the rest of the world where many of you live, but here in the US we have become a gluttonous people.  There are supermarkets/grocery stores everywhere stocked to the hilt with anything and everything you can stuff your face with.  The produce is marginal, though organic is better, but most is shipped in meaning it is usually a week off the vine before we can even look at it.  The shelves are full of processed foods that are linked to cancer and diabetes.  A third of our nation is now considered obese and our children for he first time in generations are not expected to live as long as their parents, in other words their life expectancy is going to be less.

My purpose of my post is NOT to criticize anyone.  I respect the right of everyone to make their own choices. However, that being said, as in my case, it took education for me to see the error of my ways.  I ate lots of meat for 55 years.   I am interested in hearing what others here feel is their reason/cause for their dietary lifestyle.  If you care about the lives of innocent animals, why are we not putting that same effort into caring about human beings?  Diabetes and Children's diabetes are both modern ailments.  

So, I will ask this...what is your motivation? Why are you a vegetarian and not a vegan?  Why are you a vegan but don't eat just a plant based diet?  If you are either, do you eat the "junk" as well; the cookies, cakes, candy, chips, and many processed foods?  I am one of those all or nothing type of people, so my perspective comes from how I must do things, but I am interested in the motivation of others.  I, in my posts here will advocate a plant-based diet.  It means I limit myself to fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. You'd be surprised how much variety is in that.  A plant based diet means no processed foods.  Very limited breads, no dairy of any kind. No eggs.  It is extreme for many but to me so is having your chest cut open for surgery.

I am interested in your thoughts, but don't be defensive.  You have the right to do what you want.  I want to understand how people view their dietary decision and what motivates them.

Thank you for your time in reading this post.  :)

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Comment by Catherine Hill on January 10, 2013 at 1:20am

I do enjoy your posts Lee. I admire your passion and drive and I agree, each to their own. I would rather someone reply to me by saying I don't agree but I can see your point, or I disagree but I do respect your view, than just bashing me with their own opinion or facts. So I will endeavour to do the same here for you.

I haven't eaten wheat products regularly for 11 years. I was 25, with a three year old Son, found a book that said lose wheat lose weight, I wanted to tighten up a bit physically after having had my wee one and it had a huge effect on me. Cutting out wheat instantly removes a lot of the junk from the diet. I also discovered Power Yoga at this point.

But I have a sweet tooth and found ways to get my fixes. Tut tut.

Experimenting over the years I realised that wheat caused me to become very lethargic, even depressed and gave me back ache.

So, that's wheat out of the way. I left an unhealthy relationship and at the same time I found the Juice Master - Jason Vale. I dropped weight, looked and felt great and found a new fella. I was only eating raw fruit, raw veg, rye bread without yeast and one small portion of eek (animal) protein per day. No dairy. For over a year. I practiced Power Yoga daily.

Then life went haywire, lots happened, cut back on the raw, injured back, lots of morphine, had surgery on my back. I never felt right after that. I went vegan after watching a 20 min vid of the dairy industry, it cut me to the quick like nothing else ever had.

So happily vegan, I still was having health issues and struggling with anxiety. Jan 2012 health crash, M.E. relapse. Gradual improvement using limited weight exercises and gradual increased pacing. I have been on a huge spiritual journey, it has always been with me since a teenager but it feels like a coming home. I live with unwavering belief in the Laws Of Attraction and a universal God. We really do create our whole existence. I have always seen the signs, felt the intuitions and my gut (my higher self) has never let me down WHEN I've followed it's lead! 

Then in November 2012 I just came to realise that my diet was diabolical, I know how to eat well, I worked in the right place for goodness sake, I had spent seven years researching the impact food has on us and yet here I was, still putting all the wrong things in my engine! AND NOT exercising adequately!

My hormones were and to some extent still are haywire and there was a point in my life (when I was juicing) that I felt insanely well! I wanted to re-create that feeling! So here I am. It has become a whole life event for me, to truly be in harmony we must balance not only the soul and the mind but the body too!!

I work out three days a week with Kettle Bells and once or twice week Power Yoga. I do normally feel like I might die half way through a KB workout, lol, but it's such a rush when you pushed through it all. It is important to me to get this done this time, I see my path now as a lifestyle, a dedication. It's not just a weight loss tool or animal rights thing. It's a deep down, all encompassing, ass kickingly brilliant journey and I want to be able to stand as a great VIBRANT example of a Vegan woman, inside and out.

There you go, that's my motivation ;-)

Comment by Catherine Hill on January 10, 2013 at 1:26am

P.S. I eat a fresh smoothie with rice or almond milk every day and a fresh vegetable juice most every day, I allow myself variation as to when in the day. I eat a corn bread and I am limited to two slices or two little rolls per day. If I am pre-menstrual I will allow myself Oatibix and some organic dark chocolate, raw if I can afford it, or I make raw choc dip myself and dunk apple slices in it, yum!! Sometimes the odd rye cracker if I'm craving carbs. I make alot of veg soup, sometimes I have whole spelt pasta with vegan pesto, tomatoes and pine nuts. I haqve dried fruit, raw seed spreads, unsweetened fruit spreads and I will allow myself a rare bag of chips if I really have to, but usually they are just grossly salty. I buy organic wherever possible. x

Comment by Lee Moss on January 10, 2013 at 1:29am


Wow!  All I can say to that is you are such an inspiration. I wish you all the good health you deserve!

Comment by Catherine Hill on January 10, 2013 at 1:32am

Right back at you Dude!! :-)

Comment by Lee Moss on January 10, 2013 at 1:39am

To your last comment, it sounds like you "get it".  There is really nothing wrong with something occasionally, though as I have posted before, I believe "everything in moderation" is an out for anyone who does not want to make a commitment.  Dark chocolate is not only delicious but has been proven to be beneficial for the heart, though I would not eat a whole bar every day.  My wife and I do a lot of rice and bean burritos.  We use rice or ezekial wraps and cook them in the toaster oven. One of my favorite things to eat.  I make my own guacamole, no salt but lots of hot spicy peppers.  Hot peppers are very good for the immune system.  I even do a ton of salad and have found the best homemade salad dressing that has no oil, no salt and you can use liberally and it is good for you.  I think so many people believe that our diets are bland and tasteless.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Truth is that those that eat a lot of meat and dairy actually cannot taste the flavors in fresh food.  Their tongue develops a coating and it takes a couple of weeks to be able to really appreciate the way food tastes.

The biggest problem for me was salt.  My brother-in-law is a chef and when he would cook at the holidays, I would get yelled at for salting before tasting, as was my habit.  Now, I never add salt and look for as little sodium as possible.  There are plenty of salt substitutes that do very well..

My breakfast every morning is a smoothie as well.  Almond milk, fresh berries, whole banana and kale!  Yum.  It sounds like we could be guests at each others home and enjoying eating very well at either place.

Comment by Catherine Hill on January 10, 2013 at 1:56am

Ha ha, yes it does Lee!

I do really enjoy bean dishes like red dragon pie, fasolada and I LOVE gaucamole but can't cope with it too hot.

Totally with you on the loss of taste thing. I cut up a pineapple and a mango the other day and couldn't resist helping myself to some right then and there. My husband asked what on earth I was doing 'cos from all the oohs, and ahhs, and wows, and ohhhs it sounded like the scene from when harry met sally. I was only enjoying the real deal of life force, lol.

Comment by Lee Moss on January 10, 2013 at 1:58am

Lol...that is so great!  Now my mouth is watering...I love mango and pineapple as well. Hell, just give a big ol' fruit bowl!

Comment by Catherine Hill on January 10, 2013 at 2:03am


Comment by Daniela on January 15, 2013 at 9:19pm

Very nice post! Like I wrote on my blog I'm trying to live not only vegan but also healthy.

I guess I'm still not there, but I'm making progress :)

Comment by Lee Moss on January 15, 2013 at 9:25pm

I am here to help you.


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