A blog about vegetarian recipes from around the world!

What is Cook and Click?
Cook and Click is my blog about vegetarian recipes from around the world!

I was raised a vegetarian in the northern part of India- its a common practice in there, pretty much cultural and also because its easier since there is a vast variety of vegetarian food that is made at home and is available outside. I started eating meat in early 2000's due to many reasons- curiosity, change of country, student life, lack of availability of vegetarian food. 

I gave it up completely a few years back for ethical reasons. You will never find me imposing vegetarianism on other people because I feel everybody should have the freedom to eat whatever their heart desires, BUT this blog is my attempt to share my knowledge on healthy living and vegetarianism and to help eliminate the mind block about how vegetarian food is bland & boring, lacks flavor and doesn't provide you with enough nutrition.

How did the blog happen?
I visited the farmers market in LA a while back and was overwhelmed and excited at the same time with the food that surrounded me. Food has always been a strong passion for me and my husband, we both enjoy and love food from all parts of the world. This place was like an international food mecca and inspired me to find an avenue where I could write about my various food related experiences. Cook and Click is a platform where I get to explore various food related subjects including vegetarianism.

SO its just another food blog- what's different about Cook and Click?
I make vegetarian recipes from different parts of the world and try to add an Indian twist to it by using complimentary ingredients and flavors (herbs, spices, extracts etc.) from my Indian pantry. Since I am a lacto-ovo-vegitarian (eat dairy, eggs and vegetables) you can expect not all but various recipes categorized under vegan, gluten free and eggless on this blog. Most of my recipes are made in olive oil (low cholesterol) therfore are on the healthier side.

The purpose behind Cook and Click?
To promote vegetarianism and making good tasting and good looking food without sacrificing the flavors. I hope to make more and more readers/visitors realize that there is more to vegetarian food than just tofu, corn on the cob and imitation meat and is in no way any less nutritious than eating meat. Through this blog I hope to inspire as many people as possible to try food that is vegetarian.

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Comment by Lauren Woods on April 5, 2012 at 11:48pm

Cool, I'll have to check it out!

Comment by pallavigupta14 on April 6, 2012 at 9:46am

Thanks Lauren, you can also like the Cook and Click facebook page (there is a link to it on my website) to get regular updates!


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