5 Kitchen Hacks Every Adult Should Practice

Preparing the meal can be a time-consuming activity. People can often get frustrated during the meal preparation as it is an intense process. But if there are a lot of ways you can make the best of your time spent in the kitchen. You can improve your efficiency in the kitchen and reduce meal preparation time without compromising the quality of your cooking. It will reduce the cleaning time as well.

Here are some useful kitchen hacks that every adult should be aware of so they can enjoy a delicious homemade meal.

Keeping cutting board in place:

If you are chopping up the vegetables and the cutting board keeps slipping then it will decrease your speed and efficiency. You may end up dropping some pieces on the floor and make the kitchen dirty. The problem has a very simple solution. All you need to do is to place a thin cotton towel or a damp paper towel under the cutting board so that it stays in place and you can chop up the food products without any problem. It will also reduce the risk of cutting your fingers.

The food huggers:

If you are looking to reduce the food waste then you should have the food huggers in the kitchen. They are silicon savers that will allow you to reuse the cut fruits and vegetables. Once you cut the vegetables and fruits, they do not stay fresh even if you put them in the refrigerator right way. They will rot pretty quickly and you will have to throw them away. The food huggers will save you a lot of food and you will be able to use the cut fruits and vegetables again.

Preventing the pot from boiling over:

It’s is frustrating when the stove gets dirty as the pot of water boils over. If this happens then you need to find time to clean up the whole stove or it will leave a stain. If you do not want that to happen when you are boiling pasta or rice then simply put a wooden spoon over the pot. It works like magic as the spoon will not allow the water to spill over and the stove will stay clean.

Storing the ice cream:

The ice cream is stored in a freezer so that it does not melt but the low temperature can make it too hard which makes it difficult to scoop it. If you have stored the ice cream in cheap undercounter freezer and want to keep it scoop able then put the ice cream in Ziploc bag before putting it in freezer and it will stay scoopable without melting.

Keeping the microwave clean:

The microwaves can get dirty as there can be spills as you warm up food products in it. If you do not clean it then it can become breeding ground for bacteria and mold which can lead to food contamination. A quick way of getting rid of all the stains and spills is to take vinegar and pour it in a bowl and cook it on high for a few seconds in the microwave and you will be able to wipe off stubborn stains easily. 

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Comment by entityfree on November 11, 2017 at 11:28am
i am still at motels and havent gotten any utensils. i have done the dropping on floor thing though. :-( :-p ...homemade, or homelessmade, its always delicious. :-p


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