5 easy tips to put off your craving for meat & chicken !

Before you read the tips, remember one thing - Never force yourself into "Not eating" non-veg food ! Forcing has a reciprocating effect which'll further ignite the craving and increase its strength.

Given below are some steps which hard-line meat eaters can take to come out of their addiction to meat:

1. Visit the Meat/Butcher shop and watch the animals being killed at-least once in a week.

2. Beware of your company and friend-circle. Are they mostly non-vegeterians? If yes, you need to find vegeterian friends and increase your time with them. Non-vegeterian friends often make you believe in the illusion that being non-vegeterian is normal and natural. Also, call it the "crab effect", your non-vegeterian friends do not want you to become a vegeterian because then he/she looses company ! Though, he will never admit to this but its a fact !

3. For 15 minutes everyday, read books, blogs, discussions about benefits of Vegeterian food and hazards of non-vegeterian food to the human body.

4. Whenever you have craving for meat/chicken/fish etc recite the below words in your mind 5 times:

"Its a dead body and not food". And remember the dead chicken or lamb you saw back at the butcher shop covered in blood. Visualize how it must've been cleaned and then roasted/fried to convert it to the good & tasty looking form as it appears on the dinning table. You may also want to remember any videos/pictures or real moments where you saw chickens being transported from one place to another in a very unhygienic state. These words and visual images are sure to have a magical effect on our psyche and instantly bring us out of the craving state !

5. If a doubt or negativity comes in your mind about Vegan food not being as Nutritious as Non-Vegan food, just dismiss the thought by remembering that some of the world's most powerful sporting personalities are pure vegeterians. I remind myself of Indian Westling champions who've rocked the world wrestling stage since ages. They've got big muscular bodies and they are all "pure" vegeterians i.e. they don't even take Egg ! You may want to find out about other similar personalities in your country/location who'll inspire you to become a Vegeterian !

Last but not the least, even after you've done the above mentioned 5 things, if you still find the craving present then go ahead and eat meat. Its ok ! Just don't stop doing these 5 things. If you keep on doing them, you'll observe that the frequency and strength of your craving is reducing day by day and slowely you'll reach a state when you truely do not like non-veg food from within. At this stage, you'll no longer need to force yourself into anything as the desire to eat non-veg food would've died !

Hope this is useful ! Wish you a happy and healthy Vegan life-style !! :-)



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Comment by Chi N. on September 6, 2013 at 12:50pm
Thank you so much :)! You guys are my fellow-vegetarian friends. Reading your article helps :)
Comment by Emily Coler on October 28, 2013 at 6:11am

Thank you for this! I am in the navy and it is definitely hard to be picky because we don't have a menu - we eat what is in front of us...so it's hard for me to not eat chicken everyday. These tips will be helpful! One of my close friends on my ship told me that she would follow me in my goal of not eating meat on our deployment next year.. so that means a lot! :) 


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