3 Basic Storage Tips for Keeping the Vegetables Fresh

Nothing tastes better than fresh food ingredients. It is not possible for everyone to go grocery shopping every time they need to cook something. The food businesses prefer to buy the food products in a bulk so that they always have enough ingredients to offer the best service and food to the customers. The food businesses prefer to keep the commercial chest freezers well-stocked.

It is not always easy to keep the food products fresh especially the fresh vegetables. Here are some useful tips that will help in keeping the vegetables in the best condition.

Know when to refrigerate:

Storing the vegetables is not as simple as storing some other food ingredients as you cannot just put them in the freezer. Not all of the vegetables require a low temperature to stay fresh and retain its nutritional value. You need to know which ones need to be refrigerated and which ones need to be put in the pantry. Vegetables such as potatoes, onions or garlic do not need refrigeration at all so you should not waste the cold storage space on them. They should be stored in a dark and cool place such as pantries or kitchen cabinets. The potatoes should be kept in a dark place because they can turn green if they are exposed to too much light. If you provide the right storage conditions to the root vegetables they can stay fresh and usable for months. Freezing these vegetables is also a storage option.  

The leafy vegetables need refrigeration to stay fresh and vibrant. Make sure that you know which vegetables need refrigeration and which ones do not, if you do not want to waste food.

Keeping ethylene in mind:

There are some fruits that produce a gas known as ethylene and it is responsible for ripening them. The fruits that produce this gas should not be stored with the vegetables because they can have a negative effect on their quality. The vegetables are highly sensitive to this gas and if you put them near ethylene producing fruits then they are not going to last a long time. Broccoli, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, peppers, squash, asparagus, are some the vegetables that are sensitive to ethylene gas.

Storing the herbs:

Herbs are too sensitive and they can lose their color and freshness pretty quickly. It is important that you store them in the right way if you wish to use them later. Herbs such as parsley, rosemary or coriander should be put in a narrow jar with water in it. The stems should be in water but the leaves should be of it. They will stay fresh if you keep trimming the stems and changing water after a day or two. Leave them in a cool and dry place and make sure you keep them away from direct sun. You can also put them in a refrigerator. But if you are putting them in a fridge you need to cover them with a paper or plastic bag. Basil should be kept out of the refrigerator as it is best kept at room temperature. 

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