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Aggression or Non- Aggression ( Things to talk about )

It's not just about being kind to animals,veganism or vegetarianism. It's being kind to humans & the Planet also..If you look at the attitude of, and the in-fighting amongst the vegan pc crowd they are…


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Tree that bends

I always thought myself to be a Willow tree.
They symbolize fulfilling wishes of the heart.
Alone with myself, the trees bend to caress me.
The shade hugs my heart.

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To the Observing

We need places for soothing, nurturing. As I see I “roller-coast” up and down, something poked me to (try to) write lately. It’s just that im like most beings, immersed in everyday stuff that I tend to loose the bigger picture? Yet, maybe we are so busy, with our personal set woes, that we are not seeing the BIGGER purpose displayed just … about NOW…


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The Sun of Flowers

Somewhere, do I find,

a place of kind refuge,

while beating my soul

against the tempest,

the storms,’

that are my life .

As I continue,

seeking sanctuary,

an consoling calm,

only sunflowers give me.

by me

“Breathing in, I see myself as a flower. Breathing out, I feel fresh.” You can breathe in and…


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There is something great in you.

Being who we are is not a choice well for me anyway. Ive always been reminded of who I was.When not pretty enough . Thin enough. Smart enough.Do enough.Be enough.You start to get to the point , Enough is enough.I've never been enough, to most. But, I just finally had enough because I  know I am enough.

Whether I am gardening ,volunteering,laughing…


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Roses for Mom.

I plant a different color of roses in my yard each year for my mom. This year is white ,its a gesture of remembrance each year for me. Nature is very healing and nourishes the soul. I feel happy, inspired, soothed, when I am reminded of her .Threw nature is the journey back to her and home to myself and finding inner peace while she gone.

As I turned…


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