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paying it forward or a real tithe

I've have been aware of how to tip people, thru having a job that i received tips has enlightened myself into this simple realm.

so i wanted to share and spread more of how to give a real tithe, when you tip a person you like and the service they provide you are supporting the kind of people and attitudes you want in the world.

i was at the store the other day, and a woman allowed me to go in front of her because i had only 1 item, as my gratuity for this woman i left her a…


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more thoughts on communism

religion begs for money under the name of god, pays no taxes and reaps the benefiets of the financial system on the backs of the working class, government is the puppet of religious child molestors, relgious sheeple believe there is a difference between church and state, the big joke is they are not even followers of the bible, the bible and science proves we should be vegetarians minimum get your b 12 from sukndik and then maybe these child molestors will control themselves.

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the art of charity

i find it ironic that corporation ask for donations so they can give 5% of proceeds to charity for a tax write off? like i couldnt do more directly for doing this job, getting paid more and taxe less with benefiets might be a start, but i kno let corporation get credit for stealing 95% of donations under the guise of the law witten by christians.

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real perspective on religion

lets talk about how religion controls government

i find it ironic government will tax anything they can even poor people and yet religion has tax exempt status

so let me guess, religion which doesnt even obey any of the bibles teachings can do better good than say you or me?

so basicaly religion uses its other entity government to extort the working class to fund religious child molesting communist aka republicans

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christians and religion

so here it is in the form of common sense.

religion pays no taxes, the government as of now is taxing the working class at most unfair rates in our history, religion pays no taxes yet it can reap the benefiets of a financial system again supported by the working class. government taxes everyone except religion and corporations. so i was having conversation with woman who was religious and many others and they all try to blame government, exactly what the church wants you to believe,…


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advacado tabasco y limon

thought sum people in other countries might not get to enjoy advacados so much, loaded with vitamins and nutrition

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what do you do to help spread the word about veganism?

1 of the things i do, is put stickers i got from peta, and i put them in childrens books at the libraries, more graphic stickers i will put near middle/high schools, bus stops and other transportation areas of high traffic, grocery stores.

i alos have a few shirts where i wrote vegan and sum bibllical qoutes.

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veganish ideas

so luckys is having a sale on crunch berries 4 boxes for 10$ I passed it up but i will be going back to pick up 4 boxes, pick up sum hemp milk along the way.


whats your creative way to be veganish?

Added by john martinez on March 15, 2013 at 4:17pm — 5 Comments

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