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The Big Easy (Pictures)

Well about to go out of town for a while, but I'll be bringing back some beautiful pictures :) I'm returning once more to my favorite American city, New Orleans, for a wedding. If you're one of my facebook friends, you should still be able to reach me, I have an app for it on my phone. 

Reasons why it's my favorite city:…


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Dairy- Why It's One of the Worst Things For You

I saw a post attempting to champion dairy as a healthy food source- and as an RD in training I had to smash that fallacy in the face, haha. I'll skip over the obvious ethical violations dairy causes and get right to the science.

Dairy is probably one of the worst things you can put inside of your body. The only milk you should ever drink is the milk of your human mother, which was designed for her human children. Dairy milk is just that- engineered for baby calves- and at that to help…


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What Being Vegan Truly Means

 Had a proposal essay a while ago, and the term I chose to define is 'vegan.' A vegan is, unquestionably, someone who does not consume meat or animal byproduct. But so does a total vegetarian, by definition. So how are they separate? For one, vegans do not purchase products which are seen to cause suffering, such as leather, suede, fur, and some vegans do not purchase palm oil. While a total vegetarian may abstain purely for dietary reasons, choosing to be vegan is solely an ethical…


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Scumbag Awareness Week


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Hey Boy....(A Letter to Ryan Gosling)

 I feel compelled today to write about the controversy surrounding Ryan Gosling within the vegan community. 

 Maybe you've seen one of these meme's, banking on his hunk factor to spread the message about animal cruelty:

 I thought because of all of these circulating around on social networks such as Tumblr and Facebook that Gosling must be a…


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Leather Industry- Think Hannibal Lecter

Did you know that lists leather pollution as the third largest pollution threat in the world? Wearing and using leather products is a grave evil.

Wearers in the West often get confused and think that leather is just another material, or that it is a more sturdy and better material for shoes and bags. Leather shoes and women’s bags like from…


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Hollywood Wising Up to Vegan Diet

Siiiggghhh. I wanted to write a post about Jared Leto :) I've talked about him already on this forum on misc. discussions about hot vegan celebs, but it just needs to be said again. Jared Leto is the lead singer for 30 Seconds to Mars. He is also an actor; he has been in movies like Lord of War and Fight Club (the bleached blonde hair guy that Edward Norton pounds to crap).…


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Greatest Thinkers Rejected Meat

Been so busy lately that I've been forced to sort of read just for some peace of mind. I wasn't inducted very long ago, but I already have member meetings and events for Honor's and that's taking up a lot of my time. All day yesterday I was busy at a cookout, but I met a lot of nice people :)

Anyways, today I just started reading "Walden." It really interests me, because I knew it was about him going off to Walden Pond, but I had no idea that Thoreau was a vegetarian. How cool…


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Harrods: Stop selling fur! Sign the petition.

"The only thing worse than dying on a fur farm is living on one."

The production of fur is illegal within the UK, although it is still legal to import and sell it. Harrods department…


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Amsterdam Ain't Having Your Homophobia Putin

Amsterdam is turning rainbow for a visit of the Russian president Putin. The council of the city of Amsterdam has decided to hang out the gay pride flag on all council owned buildings and offices, in protest to Russia’s new anti-gay law.…


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General Life Update

 Had my Honor's Society Induction, and thanks to the advice from the Officer's, I have new goals in mind.

 Speaking with my advisor I graduate around spring of 2015. Pretty excited, just a couple more years and I'll be working in a hospital somewhere, helping people get healthy :) Less than a month away is the wedding, I've been so stressed from…


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Easter is making me Sick

 I always thought that other vegans were exaggerating when they told me that a strong smell of cooking meat can literally make them sick. I have noticed progressively an intolerance to the smell, but nothing like today. It is ridiculous. As soon as the smell of turkey reeked up the house, I have been nauseous, on the verge of just puking my guts out. I can't even drink green tea right now because it makes me feel sicker, I had to exit to a side room and opt to get some work done to avoid the…


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What it means to be "Vegan."

 So, we are doing a definition essay- and the word I've chosen is "Vegan." 

 I haven't written a paper about veg*sm since my last writing class, mainly because that professor was also a vegan (and a balla feminist) so I wasn't nervous about sharing my thoughts with her.

 Today I showed my new prof my rough draft and she loved it :) I was really happy and pleased with her feedback, she seemed very receptive and interested in what I was saying. Needless to say, very excited to…


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Honor's Society Induction

 Well I finally got around to finishing my application for the Honor's Society today, and am now an official member of my chapter. My induction ceremony is at the end of this month, so nervous! When I think of the terrible place I used to be in academically, and personally, it feels like vindication for all of the hard work I spent trying to get my life in order again. Very excited to be a part of something bigger, and follow in the footsteps of my father who was also a member. I think I'm…


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Life Update: Honor's Society

I just got a letter today from the honor's society :)!!!! I am so happy. It's been a hard road, harder than I care to explain, getting back to a place where I can attend school- and not only that, but to go back while kicking some serious ass. I'm in the top 7% of my state's university students! Joining means scholarships for when I transfer to finish my degree, among other things. Super stoked.

Just wanted to share :) xoxoxo

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Go Feminist

 Both men and women can be feminists- and keep in mind that feminism and misandry are completely separate concepts. Join the feminism group here on vegfriend:

Help spread awareness!…


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Logical Fallacies: Part Two. Avoiding the Real Issue.

There are many ways to divert attention from the issue under debate. Of the six discussed here, the first three try to divert attention by introducing a separate issue or by "sliding by" the actual issue. The following three divert by appealing to the audience's emotions or prejudices. Int he first three the arguer tries to give the impression of good logic. Int he last three the arguer charges forward on emotional manipulation…


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Logical Fallacies, Part One. Why They Occur.

An argument is a conversation with a purpose :) I see a lot of people throwing our certain logical fallacies, which stalls the argument, and ultimately leads to going around in circles. Hopefully this post will help make some people more aware, remove certain absurdities from our arguments, so that topics can advance forward.

Causes of Illogic:…


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Meat-Eater Logic (Tumblr)

This doesn't apply to all people who eat meat, just the trolls haha. So troll logic really.

Step 1: Troll tags which threaten your emotional investment in what you eat, while vehemently protesting that the person you are actively contacting is aggressive and attacking you. Be sure to throw out loads of logical fallacies, lead them in a circular argument, and then when you have too many points of logic to…


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Misery Can Lead to Happiness

I posted my story to Tumblr- and though I've already shared it here, I thought I'd share it again :) Thank you everyone- this site has really helped alter my life, your support has been essential to my transformation xo

Sometimes, terrible things can lead to unexpected happiness.

Back when I ate meat and dairy, I developed a thyroid disease from my terrible lifestyle. To be fair, it was…


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