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Top 10 Vegan Travelers Guides in Sri Lanka

Vegan Cheese, nice creams, mock meats and desserts…! Are all these on your mind while travelling in Sri Lanka?? You must drop in and meet the lovely Sulochana… A lecturer by profession and a chef by passion. She takes in pre orders only as she is a homecook. Do check with her, place an order in advance and she will deliver it to u, u can visit her at her home and enjoy it in her garden or pick up to eat at any place u like…!…


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Best Vegan food in Sri Lanka

Sulochana, is a self-learnt chef, who started exploring the world of vegan food influenced by the urge to make cake to feed her then boyfriend (now hubby) who hadn’t had cake in ages as he followed a strict vegan….! She is now running her own catering company from the comforts of her home. Her main desire is to make every dish imaginably VEGAN. She has excelled in making her own mock meats, cheese, ice cream, cakes and desserts…! She only takes pre order, which can be picked up or delivered……


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Animal Rights Activists Release More Abuse Videos from Florida Dairies

An animal rights group released new video Thursday showing the alleged abuse of animals at a Florida dairy farm including workers spearing and burning cows.

Animal Rescue Mission released the undercover footage they say was taken at McArthur Dairy Farm in Okeechobee this year.

According to ARM, workers tormented and beat cows on a daily basis using PVC piping and homemade "shafts," which include a kitchen knife attached to…


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L'Oreal Goes Vegan; Announces New Plant-Based Hair Color Line

Photographer: Fabrice Dimier/Bloomberg

French cosmetics company L’Oreal SA announced today they are responding to the rapidly growing natural beauty trend by releasing its first vegan, 100 percent plant-based hair dye collection today called Botanea.…


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A Beginner's Guide to Going Vegan and Living Your Best Plant-Based Life

Once associated almost exclusively with granola-crunching hippies, the vegan diet isn’t nearly as fringe as it was, say, 30 years ago (Beyonce’s dabbled in it, for crying out loud, while Brad Pitt and Ellen Degeneres have been vegan for years!). Still, it can continue to draw some blank stares or skeptical eyebrow-raises from those who aren’t entirely familiar with what it actually means. Some people think “vegan” is an abbreviated way to say “vegetarian.” Then there are others who are…


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Another Country Is Getting a Vegan McDonalds Burger – Here’s Why That’s Such a Big .

We recently shared the exciting news that McDonald’s was testing “The McVegan,” a soy-based patty topped with vegan fixings and an egg-less McFeast sauce at a location in Tampere, Finland. Well, now we have great news to share about the test … it was a success!

Starting December 28th, The McVegan will begin…


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The Most Budget-Friendly Sources of Plant-Based Protein

No matter what your budget is, you can thrive with plants. So, here are  some choices for the most affordable sources of plant-based protein:


Beans are one of the most…


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8 justifications for Being a Vegeterian

Life starts with being merciful : The 8  important aspects which make meat eating non justifiable are

  1. Parental love like human: Animals get pregnant , feed its offspring with milk and fight for death to save its offspring. Parental Love is not there in plants , so Plants are food not animals.
  2. Humanity: Animals live in groups and love its family members like human. Human loving a human is not different from animals.…

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Growing Crops on a Vertical Garden

Imagine for a moment with me how it would be like to produce the same amount of your favorite veggies without taking up a large space like in traditional horizontal garden.

Vertical garden is so easy to plan and build, and the best thing about it is the amount of space it saves and the ease of reaching the fruits during harvest. It provides a healthier growing condition for plants due to a better air circulation. Your crops does not touch the ground, thus avoiding soil borne diseases…


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4 Ways to Preserve Food without Freezing

Preserving the food is something that humans have always done so that they can have food when there is was nothing fresh to eat. The concept of food preservation was born out of convenience. Over the time the preservation techniques have changed and improved a lot but that does not mean that the old methods have gone away. The methods…


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