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Chewy Ginger Cookies in Wonderland

Happy Halloween friends!If you're craving a sweet treat with all the flavors of Fall, check out my {new video recipe} featuring Chewy Ginger Cookies from Zel Allen's "Vegan for the Holidays"cookbook (used with permission). …


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Hurricane Sandy

As this hurricane comes ashore,I pray for mercy for those in its path.Let this event remind us that we are ultimately helpless by mother nature.Help us be inspired to reach out to our neighbors in need.Make us more compassionate, bring us together,refocus our minds on matters that are truly important.Give us the courage to be others hands and feet as we help others recover,as a country,from Hurricane Sandy.Help us be efficient and effective as we move to help those…


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Vegan, Gluten, and Oil Free Pumpkin Spice Cake

It's about time I catch up on my blogging.  I've been so busy the last couple months and there are a few dishes I've made that I would like to be able to look up again and make.  September and October are busy, stressful months at work.  I am sure if you checked out a blog from…


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I am a heart today that is thankful for all that is - for those I love and cherish deeply in my heart,for the love and for the joy life brings.Take care on this Sunday - rest, refresh,restore and enjoy some time with those you love or if that isn't possible - find a nice cosy spot and walk through some memories to bring you close.Love and hugs,Jenii.

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Is your heart ON or OFF?


People are on very different levels.I don't assume that everyone is on the same level.But then there are people who aren't really ALIVE inside,for some reason,that they haven't fully evolved threw life and or healed, etc ...For some people it comes natural to care about others, it is like the heart is ON, as if it has a switch.I suppose the people who only care about people…


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A Cup of Coffee for Vegetarian Soul

I was on my way to the school that afternoon. I saw a goat was being slaughtered that afternoon. The goat cried, and I saw tears came out from its eye. It was the sacrifice festival day for the Muslim. I lived in a small village, Bagansiapiapi, Indonesia. We all know that the majority of Indonesian is Muslim.

The memory of the crying goat keep coming to my mind that night, and…


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Make me believe.


                                                                  Make me believe!

                                                                   Wrong is Right

                                                                  Fear is Courage

                                                                  Despair is…


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I am Young, I am a Vegetarian and I am a Better Person

I am Nathan, currently 19 and avegetarian. Throughout my life I have always been influenced by others, especially my family. They are my role models and I wouldn't ever do anything to harm them. However, At every attempt to become vegan or vegetarian it was…


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German People

Hi, i am from German , my Englisch ist not so good .I hope everyone speak German my;)

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Poetry are things that are truly expressed in words, that are beautiful.Truth and beauty could also come to describe ‘love’.What is poetry if not a kind of love?True beauty are things of the spirit.Most good poetry is grounded in an aspect of truth seeking in spirit.It is grounded in a form of love that is perhaps deeply buried, in one’s self, and…


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Vegetarian (Athlete) My Whole Life

By: Sebastian P. Henrich

I am 24 years young and have been …


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Bloom where your are planted.


I've been thinking about that how much time we waste fretting and stressing because we don't think we are able to achieve anything,be anything,go anywhere and yet we have the opportunity to bloom where we are planted.

To grow and flower and make a difference in our little corner of the world.Of course lots of plants are dug up and…


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How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank.Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music Creep in our ears; soft stillness, and the night becomes the touches of sweet harmony.

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Don't stop dancing.


Forget the pain and forget the sorrows

There are the times I wasn't to sure about life personally.I think the shadows,pains, burdens can over take a lot us in life.But, how can you hide? What are you hiding from?I can't imagine me hiding from life or even love.There are things that you can only achieve if you don't stop dancing the dance of life,…


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Who makes you real?

Who makes you real…?For me now,I dwell in the memory of when.That memory being the one thing that brings peace.It’s not often people believe in something no matter what,I do.Is it that one day they stop truly believing?And, its just a matter of grace that hold on as they they always did.

People start out believing no matter what and terrible things…


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Coconut Curry Cashew Fried Rice

New blog post+ video recipe {Coconut Curry Cashew Fried Rice} Soy-free, gluten-free and so onolicious!…


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My Favorite Favorite Raw Food Recipes

Almond Power Shake


  1. A handful of soaked almonds
  2. One frozen ripe banana
  3. 750 ml of purified or filtered water
  4. 2 Teaspoons of slippery elm powder
  5. 2 Teaspoons of powdered flax…

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Vegetarians in danger of Anorexia?!

I've seen members post on here before about snide comments involving weight with vegetarians, but recently, someone completely baffled my mind and stated that if you turn Vegetarian, you increase your chances of having Anorexia Nervosa... which is absolutely ridiculous.

I would say that a lot of anorexics would most likely adopt a vegetarian diet because well, it's low in fat, not the other way around (the diet MAKING you have an eating disorder). It also fails to take into…


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Running medium distance

What food is good for sustainable energy and building lean muscle mass Reaching out to vegetarian runners. I run two to three 10-12 milers a week with short 5-6 milers in between and one rest day. I have to balance it out with gym workouts as well to maintain upper body strength for the Army. Any thoughts on what I can replace veggie burgers with becausse I really dont like eating them all the time but they are packed with protein and are quick and easy to make. I know that nuts are good but…


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What will your reply/answer if someone say Vegetarian diet is for old people.

What will your reply/answer if someone say Vegetarian diet is for old people.

Added by Ntt Med on October 14, 2012 at 10:34am — 6 Comments

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