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The real philosophy

“The mind acts like an enemy for those who do not control it.Perform your obligatory duty, because action is indeed better than inaction."

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Doctor Disagreement???

I recently told my doctor that I would no longer take the 5 medications

he had me on. Veganism has been a blessing from heaven 4 Real. 

He took it "Kinda OK" but the look on his face was a little concerned. 

I will always have my meds just in case but i havent taken meds since

11/13 so ive been doing pretty well. Has anyone had a complete or 

respectful disagreement with a doctor when you told them that 

bacause you're vegan you will no longer take…


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16 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep

Sleep is required to function and while scientists do not know everything about sleep they do know some. Different amounts of sleep are needed depending on your age; babies need sixteen hours, kids 3-18 need ten, adults 19-55 need eight, and adults over 65 need six. Sleep is the time when your brain recharges, your cells repair, and your body releases important hormones.…


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10 Mistakes That Make Cravings Worse

by Jessica Migala

Avoid these and you can get a hold of the food monster in your head.

Learn to crush cravings

Cravings—such a dirty word when you're trying to lose weight or keep it off. No matter…


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Vegans are Pushy!

I got into a heated debate with my family again. 

Firstly, I told my parents that I do not want to buy leather anymore. Immediately my parents blared at me: "The leather industry will go on anyway even without your support, plus, people eat meat, so there is leather for demand."

In fact, I felt horrible because I bought leather shoes a few weeks ago. I guess I'm a hypocrite? My legs hurt and the shopkeeper recommended the shoes to correct my feet. I asked her…


Added by Sharon Ng Huey Yuek on July 30, 2014 at 8:47am — 4 Comments

6 'Bad' Carbs That Are Actually Good For You

by Leslie Barrie

Thanks to the popularity of low-carb diets, some carb-heavy foods have been unfairly blacklisted. But there’s no need to be scared of spuds or ban…


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Here Are The 14 Most SHOCKING Drug-Related Transformations I’ve Ever Seen. This Is Disturbing.

“Not even once.” That’s the phrase that will come to mind after you see this drastic “before and after drugs” photos, brought to you by Rehabs. These photos chart the lives of different individuals who decided to embrace a life of drugs and crime. From their first arrest to their last, both their lives and their bodies were destroyed by drugs.…


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Netherlands Create Animal Police Officers to Act Against Animal Cruelty

Dutch government says the country’s first animal police officers are training to enforce laws protecting pets, livestock and wildlife against abuse

Netherlands Create Animal Police Officers to Act Against Animal Cruelty

In 2011, the first animal police service, (animal cops) started work to tackle cruelty to animals and animal neglect more…


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Top Foods to Eat Everyday for Perfect Skin

Taking care of your skin has never been easy. These days there are tons of beauty products that promise you flawless skin. Achieving that silky smooth and vibrant skin does not only require the use of your regular regimen but also a balanced and nutritious diet. Start eating food that enhances skin health! Check out the list of the top foods to eat everyday for that perfect skin!…


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This Will Make You Never, Ever Want To Clean Your Ears Again

The question: Is it true that I shouldn’t use cotton swabs to clean my ears?

The answer: Whether it was mom or grandma who said it first, she was definitely right: You probably shouldn’t put anything in your ear that’s smaller than your elbow.

But in…


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If These 8 Species Go Extinct, Entire Ecosystems Will Disappear

A keystone species, by definition, has the power to largely effect entire ecosystems simply by performing natural behaviors for survival. Impressive? We’d say so. Many ecologists consider apex predators such as sharks, killer whales, and…


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15 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

If you are looking for an easy trick to improve your life and overall health, than look no further. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is a pretty simple routine to get into and will have…


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Too ADORABLE! You will be surprised what this pig BEGS his owner for. LOL

This Pig is just adorable, he begs his owner for salad. Can you believe it? Too adorable. Who knew pigs like salads. LOL Pigs are intelligent, inquisitive, social animals and can make great pets. However, if you are thinking of getting a pig as a pet, there are several things you should consider first. Pigs…


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Bailey Arrived At The Shelter Alone And Scared, But As The Hair And Dirt Started Coming Off His True Personality Started To Shine!

When Bailey arrived at the shelter, he was scared, alone, and in bad condition. Luckily for Bailey, some nice people stepped in and gave him a complete makeover. After all the dirt and hair was removed, Bailey’s awesome personality started to shine, and he found his forever home!

See his incredible transformation!



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Need a Dentist for Your Dog? Perhaps This Raccoon is Available!

Oscar the raccoon is not like many other raccoons you may have come across in your life. This little guy seems to think he is a dentist! In this video, Oscar attempts to examine the teeth of his…


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This Is HYSTERICAL! Dog Passes Out From Too Much Happiness!

A pet dog’s reaction to a family member returning home after 1 years… which in fairness is 14 years in dog years. The family member was living and working in Slovenia, and didn’t return home to Murrysville, PA last year, because her whole family (except Casey) came to Bled for her wedding. The schnauzer, Casey, was taken to the vet, the vet saw…


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Hey everyone,

I am fairly new to the vegetarian lifestyle. I have been for about 3 months or so I thought :( I found out that lots of cheeses use the rennet enzyme, and I became pretty discouraged. I wad hoping you guys would have some ideas about cheeses that are safe for us to eat. Plus I will try to do some research on my own. Its tough because I really want to commit to this lifestyle, and researching veggie-safe foods is tough because I'm not sure all the info on the internet is…


Added by Michelle Mueller on July 24, 2014 at 11:10pm — 1 Comment

The Importance of Calcium and How to Get Enough Without Dairy

Milk equals strong bones, or at least that’s the false myth that I grew up believing. Now that I know that dairy is actually a hindrance to maintaining healthy bones and overall health, I’m…


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4 Personal Care Products You Should Never Buy Again

For many people who are actively trying to prevent or reverse disease, heal their bodies from trauma or just feel generally healthier, their focus is solely on food and exercise. They will buy organic produce, go for a walk, and come home for a nice relaxing bubble bath, not knowing the potentially harmful ingredients included in the latter activity.

It’s time…


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