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Mama Cat Comforting Sleeping Kitten Is the Cutest Thing You Will See Today

Many children are a bit scared at the idea of going to sleep alone or waking up in the middle of the night from a bad dream. That’s why parents often lay in their bed, soothing them until the child is fast asleep. The…


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7 Tricks To Eat Healthy All Week

Thinking about eating better, but not sure how you'll manage the extra cooking, food prep, and new food rules in your kitchen? Don't let the details stop you before you get started

I went to culinary school and worked in a world-renowned restaurant in Italy, yet I keep most of my meals super-simple. Doing this means I'll continue to feed myself the best foods possible,…


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5 Home Remedies for Dehydration

Remaining hydrated is critical to your overall health. Every cell in your body needs water in order to function properly. In fact, an adult’s body weight is 60 percent water, while an infant’s is up to 80 percent water. Other than oxygen, there’s nothing that your body needs more than water.

The simple cure for dehydration comes from the tap. Turn it on and drink. But…


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16 Reasons To Have Daily Sex

Stressed, burdened with life’s difficult problems and fear that your health is declining? Then sex is the answer to happiness, longevity and a healthy body. You don’t agree?

1. De-stress

Sex helps you reduce stress. When deep breathing exercises fail to de-stress you, sex will do the needful.…


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Not Truth, nor Lies, but are just right enough to what we can bear!

The answer to every question depends on one's capability to understand,
such that what we believe right now may not be lies nor truth,
but are just right enough to what we can bear.

Someday things will be clearer in our consciousness.
Someday the regret is that we did not do it earlier.

Discover Veganism, awaken your compassion!

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Eating Chocolate Can Stave Off Bowel Cancer, say Scientists

Eating chocolate could stave off bowel cancer, say scientists. A study found having daily doses of cocoa reduced the risk of developing the disease. It is the latest piece of research to highlight the health benefits of the cocoa bean, most of which is harvested in West Africa.

Previous studies have found the seed is rich in particularly powerful…


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The Best Kitty Hug Ever!

Cat of the Day Franzie the cat loves to snuggle and she knows just how to get her owner’s attention.

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5 Ways to Eat a 100 Percent Clean Dinner

Eating clean may sound like a simple concept, but it’s more like passing a science test when trying to navigate the American grocery store for dinner. Does that package say low-fat and that it’s a good source of vitamin C? The marketing may state that, but you have to go far beyond scanning the front of packages to make sure you’re truly buying clean food. Even the best of intentions to purchase healthy food items can be thrown…


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Tips to Lose Weight Without Diet and Exercise

Dropping a few pounds doesn’t have to involve deprivation or intense workouts. These tricks will help you slim down the easy way

1. Drink Enough Water

There are so many reasons why water is, among other things, good for your waistline. Drinking cold water can help up your metabolism, since your body…


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7 Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate Regularly

Today I have some great news for all chocolate lovers out there! Next to its awesome taste, dark chocolate provides powerful health benefits, especially if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Always opt for dark, raw, chocolate with the highest cacao content (at least 70%). So I’m not talking about milk or white chocolate. Those are definitely…


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How To Transition to a Vegan Lifestyle

For this Veggietorial, I'm answering questions about the transition to a vegan lifestyle.

How do I get enough protein? Will seitan hurt me? What are the benefits of a plant-based diet?

Have a question for the next episode? Connect with me on…


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Ginger Reduces Chronic Inflammation, Pain And Migraines, Helps Digestion, Diabetes And More

According MedlinePlus, taking 1 gram of ginger before surgery may help reduce nausea and vomiting post-surgery. Widely known for its ability to reduce nausea and vomiting, ginger has many more uses than one may think. In China, ginger has been used for over 2,000 years to help treat nausea, stomach problems, arthritis and heart conditions.

This spicy herb…


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Dog Teaches Baby How to Crawl (VIDEO)

It’s been said that dogs are a human’s best friend, but these loyal animals are far more than that — they’re our teachers, too! Dogs can even show tiny babies a trick or two.

Check out this heartwarming video, which is perfectly titled Buddy’s Baby Crawling School. The baby and her best doggie friend seem…


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Frog Becomes Horrifying “Live Sushi”

It’s called “ikizukuri” and it’s perhaps the most horrifying and shockingly inhumane form of “dinner” ever invented.

Imagine a fat, live frog. A hand hoists him high and drives a knife through and across his belly, cutting him savagely in half. Another hand grips his insides and tears them away. The skin is ripped off his lower extremities. His leg muscles…


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A Pit Bull puppy walked up to a baby. The next part melted my heart… Awww!

10 week old baby Eislegih, and 8 week old Pitbull puppy Clyde have a fascinating relationship. They absolutely adore one another!

Source: Brandi Hodges

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Five Foods That Can Treat Insomnia And Improve Sleep

According to the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, nearly 1 in 10 adults in the United States suffers from insomnia. Although most of these people suffer from short-term insomnia, many of them also suffer from chronic insomnia (i.e., difficulty falling or staying asleep for more than six months). Such sleep deprivation can significantly decrease the quality of one’s…


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This Amazing Man Has Single-Handedly Planted a Forest Larger Than Central Park NYC (VIDEO)

“I don’t always plant trees, but when I do, I plant a whole forest that tigers and elephants live in,” could be a line from a Dos Equis commercial, but it is also something that one man, Jadev Payeng can honestly say.

If you think you cannot make a difference, just watch this video. This short film about the amazing story of the man made…


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Monosodium Glutamate and All Its Hidden Forms: Yeast Extract, TVP, Hydrolyzed Proteins and More

Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, has long been at the center of health debates, with the Food and Drug Administration saying the product is "generally regarded as safe" (GRAS) on one side and many scientific studies demonstrating the ill effects of MSG on the other. (1) In fact, MSG has been shown in several studies to have neurotoxic effects, and although the FDA claims that problems…


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GONE VIRAL Baby Is Having An Argument With A bulldog – LOL

This video is so cute and funny. To me seems like the Baby is saying: Why are you on my couch? Get out and go to play outside. Do you not understand me? Get out of my couch now. Daddy he is not Understanding what I am saying LOL. Mommy explains to him that he has to get out of the couch now, I am getting frustrated. Okay whatever I am done with…


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