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Lands in love is a vegetarian, vegan hotel and resort with two restaurants, adventure center and animal rescue shelter, all situated in a tropical cloud forest in Costa Rica.

The restaurants offer wide range plates from all over the world, all vegetarian or vegan.

The food is made with love and praised by all.

Special dishes are prepared for people with different needs such as gluten free, sugar free, lactose free etc.

The ingredients which are used, are of high quality and fresh.…


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3 important keystone food resources

Keystone species are defined as species that have an essential role as to how balanced the ecosystem is. Removing a keystone species from a habitat can often result in the dramatic alteration of the ecosystem, sometimes even resulting in the complete shutdown of that ecosystem.



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Vegetarian Boarding School in the UK - would you be interested in sending your children?

Did you know such a school existed? Brockwood Park is a small co-educational boarding school set in 36 acres of countryside in deepest Hampshire and is one of a handful of schools founded by the humanist philosopher and educationalist, Jiddu Krishnamurti.  In founding Brockwood, Krishnamurti expressively wanted to create a new generation of individuals who were free from 'self-centred action'.

The main school, housed in a classically styled, lime-washed mansion with uninterrupted…


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All for free: Try raw food mulilanguage website with recipes

Right above select your language


On website klick on + to get more free reicpes and tips in the menu or use the above menu to access all.

It costs you nothing, only time to read.

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Shopping Judiciously For A Healthier Planet

The growing awareness of environmental problems has resulted in changes in the way many of us think and live.

Not so long ago we all believed that the planet would continue to sustain us - no matter what. Our attitudes have since changed. We are now bombarded with frightening statistics that actually show the opposite.…


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Vegetarian Diets and Nutrition

It is the intention of this article to not only inform and enlighten those interested in vegetarian cooking, but also to provide hints and information to those interested generally in eating good, well prepared foods. Probably the first important aspect of food and eating is its preparation. We need to consider the type of utensils used and the method of cooking employed to prepare food in its most appetizing and more importantly most nutritionally beneficial form.

Photo: …


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