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I'm vegetarian and my family is a huge meat eater.....

Hi I really could use a lot of help I'm 17 so I can't run anything just yet. My mother is so desperate for my step father to get a better paying job that she wants him to work at a kill shelter.... you can see the problem. Now she wants us to help so we can earn free fresh what she calls fresh meat to eat on I personally almost vomited but you guys I have cancer and so I can't be left home a lone due to how sick I can get less then an hour. Trust me I cried my eyes out begging her not to there… Continue

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Humble request

Hi :-)  a humble request,  pls vote  for Videhi's  Meat Free Moussaka, by clicking on this link and then on the little heart :) many thanks http://www.instacook.co.za/?contestants=meat-free-moussaka 


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**I found this on the internet awhile back and saved it. Unfortunately, I just noticed that I didn't include my source. However, I can say that through many years of personal research, I believe this to all be true. Please check into it, for your health and for the health of those you love.**

The giant food corporations have one mission: selling more food and beverage products to consumers.…


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**I have been buying some of my vitamins and supplements for several years from a company called Tri-Vita. This is something they teach. They don't just sell vitamins! Just living by these ten guidelines can make a tremendous difference in your life! It has in mine! (comments in parenthesis are from me)**…


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The ONE thing that helps me manage stress (and it’s highly detoxifying as well)

Also known as alternate nostril breathing, this is a wonderful practice that you learn in yoga classes. It is also beneficial in treating stress related disorders, such as anxiety and depression.Click Here For The Video!

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Famous Vegetarians/Vegans That I Admire

Craig Ferguson

Travis Barker

Tom DeLonge

Anthony Kiedis


Emilie Autumn

Avril Lavigne

Band members of Rise Against

Jared Leto

Kristen Wiig

Sarah Silverman

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To The Realizing-

Change.What is it to you?Is it a goal, a better world, something for you to strive toward?Is it the natural course of life,so everyone should hop on board?Because you think your change is TRUTH?Shouldn't change be embraced?And shouldn't the fears of change be faced?Can it be measured or even seen?I think ,so..You cannot change what has already been.So what does…


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Knowing the 15 Signs and Symptoms of Liver Disease Could Save 25,000 Lives Each Year

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. Knowing the vital symptoms of liver disease could save the life of you or a loved one.

Liver disease is uncommon but very deadly. Once the disease has gone too far, it is virtually impossible to reverse. The liver is the largest organ in the body at 8 inches wide, and 6.4 inches long, and 4.5 inches thick it weighs about 3.5 pounds. The…


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How To Save Someones Life Who Suffered A Heart Attack In 60 Seconds

Dr. John Christopher argues that you can save a man’s life (who has just had a heart attack) with only one move.

In 35 years of practice, and working with the people and teaching, I have never on house calls lost one heart attack patient and the reason is, whenever I go in–if they are still breathing–I pour down them a cup of cayenne tea (a teaspoon of cayenne in a cup…


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Why is it Good to Eat Garlic on an Empty Stomach?

Curejoy Expert Claude Butler Explains:

In many alternative and traditional forms of medicine, garlic is considered to be a great detox food that can cure many ailments. Many claim that garlic can cleanse the body from parasites and worms, prevent and cure…


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Want to Naturally Cleanse and Heal Your Body? Eat These Whole Foods

Cleanse, detox – you’ve heard it all, right? Green juice this, and blend or pulverize that. We know it gets old after awhile. You can only hear about so many cleanse and detox diets before getting a little bored. Truthfully, whole foods have the ability to cleanse your body the same way many detox diets do, but without all the negative side effects many of them can bring. You know – headaches, hunger pains, and…


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this is why going vegetarian is best

Hi friends I was recently diagnosed with lymphoma stage 2 I'm 16 I'll be 17 on the 16th. I wanted to share that I am alright and my cancer is cureable. Never once did the the oncologist tell me I had to eat meat acually they showed me ways to make my meal a lot more nutritious. This proves to meat eaters that you don't have to eat an animal just bcs you have cancer.I've been vegetarian since October and I hate the smell of meat and when my family offers some I get nauseated.I just wanted to put… Continue

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Healthy High-Fat Diet Protects The Brain From Aging

A diet high in healthy fats may actually slow the aging process, including stemming off the brain degeneration associated with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Center for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen and the Nationals Institute of Health, and published in the journal Cell Metabolism. The study was funded by the Nordea-fonden through the Center for Healthy Aging.…


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9 Ways To Naturally Cleanse & Boost Your Immune System

It is imperative to remember that as the weather and our surroundings change, so do our bodies. The days get shorter, the cold and damp weather begins and, with it, our immune systems can become strained.

It is extremely beneficial for us to take advantage of this transition time with proper cleansing rituals to help us detox our bodies from the various pollutants we are exposed to on a daily basis in…


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5 Foods and Herbs to Cleanse Your Kidneys

By Rosalina

Your kidneys, though small, are an incredibly important part of your body. Every day, they perform many vital tasks such as cleansing the blood of impurities, forming urine to remove toxins from the body, balancing the body fluids and many other functions. That is why keeping the kidneys healthy is so…


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Oxygenate and Reduce Your Toxic Load with a Daily Wheatgrass Shot!

If you are trying to be healthy and eat an alkaline diet, you know it can be a struggle to buy and juice all the greens you need every day. Especially in colder climates during winter time when it can be hard to find greens.Wheatgrass is a super alternative , it is easy to grow and doesn’t take ages to juice..…


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Side Effects of Lemon You Didn’t Know About

Lemon is generally a safe fruit that can be used for culinary and beauty purposes. Many people drink lemon juice with water in the morning as a way to cleanse, make their skin look better and many other benefits that some traditional medicines claim. But there are a few side effects too.…


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8,000 Scientific Papers Link Refined White Sugar To Chronic Disease

One of the worst things you can do to your body is feed it sugar — not necessarily natural sugar like the kind found in fruit, but refined sugar. A team of scientists from the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) recently pored through more than 8,000 scientific papers on how sugar affects the body and came to the conclusion that it not only makes people fat but also makes them sick.



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10 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds and A Raspberry, Banana, and Coconut Water Hemp Seed Smoothie

Hemp seeds are one of nature’s natural gifts. They are one of the most nutritious seeds in the world!

Hemp seeds are a wonderful addition to any vegan or vegetarian diet, or just for anyone who wants a few more nutrients in their life! They are loaded down with easily digestible proteins, and they contain all ten essential amino acids, making them a rare complete protein! They are an abundant source of…


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14 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Protein Sources

Meat- and dairy-free protein options can help you stay slim and healthy.

Green peas

Foods in the legume family are good sources of vegetarian protein, and peas are no exception: One cup contains 7.9 grams—about the same as a cup of milk. (For the record, women should get about…


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