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I'm a free spirit who loves to learn and think. Avid reader, baker, artist, gamer, and crafts novice. Fierce love of animals and the natural world. Newly vegan, almost a year now. Nice to meet everyone.
Favorite Quotations
It's a pretty amazing to wake up every morning, knowing that every decision I make is to cause as little harm as possible. It's a pretty fantastic way to live.”
― Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

"Could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it, 'My appetite is more important than your suffering'?” ~ Moby

“I have from an early age abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

Whenever people say “We mustn’t be sentimental,” you can take it they are about to do something cruel. And if they add “We must be realistic,” they mean they are going to make money out of it.
—Brigid Brophy

“Not responding is a response - we are equally responsible for what we don't do.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals

"My body will not be a tomb for other creatures." ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

"The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.". -Hippocrates

“The human body has no more need for cows' milk than it does for dogs' milk, horses' milk, or giraffes' milk. ~ Michael Klaper

“If you don't want to be beaten, imprisoned, mutilated, killed or tortured then you shouldn't condone such behaviour towards anyone, be they human or not.” ~ Moby

" In fact, if one person is unkind to an animal it is considered to be cruelty, but where a lot of people are unkind to animals, especially in the name of commerce, the cruelty is condoned and, once large sums of money are at stake, will be defended to the last by otherwise intelligent people." - Ruth Harrison

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