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Hey any suggestions??

Started by Sara Parker Jun 1, 2015. 0 Replies

Hiya! Ive been a vegetarian for a year now, but i would like to go vegan now. The only problem is that where i am, Telford Shropshire. Theres not many places that i know of that sell much vegan food.…Continue

just curious

Started by CJ Keadle. Last reply by Dylan John Barsby Jan 5, 2015. 3 Replies

whats the difference in a vegan and vegetarian? sorry i'm new to thisContinue

Why Veganism Makes a Difference

Started by Lauren Woods. Last reply by Barry Jan 4, 2015. 11 Replies

I get very frustrated with vegetarians who have no intentions of switching to veganism; I view vegetarianism as a stepping stone. If you care about animals, surely you will not plan on supporting the…Continue

Tags: better, is, vegan, why

i feel lonely

Started by Parvindran Mudliar. Last reply by Wiewióra Nov 30, 2013. 2 Replies

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Comment by Terry Kennedy on January 22, 2012 at 12:17am

I love the Gorilla cartoon...such a popular question from workout buddies and this is a great

Comment by Leanna Gonzalez on January 24, 2012 at 3:17am

Love the picture! I DO think, which, therefore, I am VEGAN :D yesss

Comment by Terry Kennedy on January 24, 2012 at 6:25am

"Killing just to eat makes your consciousness heavy, insensitive; and you need a very sensitive consciousness — very light, very loving, very compassionate. It is difficult for a non-vegetarian to be compassionate; and without being compassionate and loving you will be hindering your own progress." OSHO 

Comment by Francesca_Bee on January 28, 2012 at 12:13am

Love the Gorilla pic! :) 

Comment by Lauren Woods on October 17, 2012 at 1:50am

Comment by Peter Wu on October 27, 2012 at 8:22pm

dinning out is really dreadful for me. anyone have any tricks or tips what to look for in any city and settings ? Sometimes I am just sick of eating salads in nice restaurants, being limited to few selections is one thing, being seen as odd one is another

ideas anyone ?

Comment by Lauren Woods on November 24, 2012 at 9:21am

Hey Peter! Have you tried researching vegan restaurants around you? I also came to really dread going out- especially sometimes when you cannot even get a salad. Or a veggie friendly restaurant. A place which offers tofu replacements will often be aware (though not always) of what a vegetarian/vegan is and can offer wise options. 

Comment by Peter Wu on November 24, 2012 at 12:16pm

well there aren't many places that does veg meals only, but I found a few deli places that's friendly to vegans, like Sweet Tomatoes and Jason's Deli. 

Sometimes I wonder what is this all about, about choices in life or what we believed for. I am all for life, compassion for other beings, which extend out to anything that has intelligence and heartbeats. I avoid meat just for the compassion of it, the harmony of living peace. But if I was to eat at a normal restaurant  and only choose veggie dishes, it seem like I am not making much of a difference. Reason being- what I eat and what I purchased at the supermarket  will be 100% veggie based, which means I support local produces and condemn the carnist ways. BUT if I end up eating out in some random joint, select only the veggie dishes, it still benefit the store, as it is just another transaction, another customer. They are still selling pork chops, steaks, lambs and what not. So in the end, my money still go into that pocket of killer hands, the groups consumes animal life-stocks. 

Yeah, what the hell

Comment by Lauren Woods on November 26, 2012 at 6:22am

In a way, that is a very good point. Some organizations however urge vegans/vegetarian to patronize these stores because still very few support vegetarianism/veganism. The more we give our support to stores which also give veggies options, the more which will open, and carnists and vegetarians (and traveling vegans) will have more to choose from. Perhaps when confronted with a healthier, meat-free dish, a person who may have had a hamburger will opt for a salad.

Comment by Sandee S on July 20, 2013 at 1:10pm

Hey all!

This is Sandee, 28. I now live in India and Previously was in London. I have 4 dogs, one turtle.

I am a media activist, Traveler, Photographer and social blogger against all odds we have in society.

I was vegetarian since birth but later I started eating Meat for fun for a very short period, but very soon a Simple thing struck in my mind how can I eat such beautiful creatures of nature with so much zest of life.

Animals/birds, they live so joyously and struggle so much to live on this planet full of agony created by humans. We have big responsibility towards them and they are WITH us on this planet not FOR us!

I hope to connect some beautiful souls through this site. I prefer discussing Meditation, Science, Philosophy, Photography, Travel, Spirituality and other wonderful subjects.

I run an awareness page on :


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