Where is the best place for vegetarian or vegan food that you've traveled to ?

Where have you been in the world that was a great place to eat veggie/vegan? recommend places to go, stay or eat? and even include where the worst place you've ever been to? so that others can avoid it ha ha 

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I'd love to go to India, have heard before that its awesome for veggie food. I would love to try chai there but that's probably made with milk? so might have to just stick with my soya milk. Did you get any illnesses or anything whilst you were out there?

sounds like if you go to Czech Republic, you've got to be a fruitarian.... doesn't sound too bad :)

Hi! They make amazing Kashmiri tea in Kashmir (Srinagar) and McLeod Ganj (thats where Dalai lama stays at the moment), and there's no milk in it. Recommend! It is amazing how it cools you down when the weather is hot but it also warms you up when it's cold. It was probably the best thing I tried over there. Oh, but funnily, once I moved towards east and Himalayas (Leh), the Kashmiri tea was made with milk, was pink, and looked quite disgusting. So I guess you always have to ask if it has milk.

North India is not that great with vegan food. Of course vegetarian is the most popular food over there, but sometimes in some places most vegetarian options included paneer, the cheese which made me feel slightly sick once. You will always have some basic vegan food like aloo gobi or the spinach version. I definitely want to come back to India in particular because of food and the feeling of comfort and security you get knowing that nobody is going to serve you meat, and that most people around you are sharing your diet. You never feel like an outcast over there.

It was China, for me. They do consume a lot of pork- so we had a lot of dumplings- but it was the first time for me in a long time that I was confronted by so many vegetables. At this point in my life, I was really overweight- as of today I've lost 55 lbs; I contribute it to my trip through Beijing and Sichuan. Not only did I get to try new veggies I never knew existed (bamboo shoots, who knew? Prolly lots lmao) but they were delicious- and when I lost 15 lbs on the trip from all the walking/climbing, I grew so inspired I began to try and take my health into my hands.

I'm still learning, and am still falling in love with new veggies all the time :)

Eating at home is the hardest place for me to eat veggie O.O- my family eats 90% meat- veggies are always a one-side deal, like broccoli maybe once a week, or a salad with nothing but croutons and ranch. I'm hoping one day my parents won't just congratulate me on my success in losing weight and getting healthy, but will try it for themselves.

That's great congratulations! :) I'm surprised actually that China has appeared in this post :) I do love Chinese veg myself though would be nice to go to the source for it. I would just be afraid of animal cruelty :/ Are you a raw vegan then? 

It does sound like a complicated situation at home! I always get 'as long as you know what your doing is right you don't need to worry about us' ...

Yeah they have a LOT of meat too, I think their diets are like 80% pork lmao, but I thought the veggies were spectacular! Made me fall in love with eggplant. Not a raw vegan yet! I'm hoping by the end of this year I'll have evolved to all raw :)!! That's true- there is a lot of animal cruelty there- your heart would stop at one of their markets, slaughtered animals spilling out into the market streets. It was disgusting, that part at least- but we didn't spend a lot of time there, just passed through to the mall.

:)!! True, just gotta take care of yourself! Others will follow!

I can't really comment on where I've been that was good whilst I have been vegan as I have only really travelled in the UK during this time and the UK is pretty great for veganism but especially vegetarianism.

I lived in Bulgaria for a couple of months and that was a lot easier as I was living with Vegans at the time. To eat out in Bulgaria is not easy, I stayed in Sofia and there are a couple of veggie restaurants that cater for both vegetarians and vegans. But I was mostly self catering, living mostly on lentils, bulgarian herbs and vegetables :) 

I did go to disneyland paris whilst vegan, that was pretty bad. Took my own food and just had chips whilst I was there.  

Prior to that for being vegetarian Tunisia was the the worst place I have ever been as your constantly surrounded by animal cruelty so if your veggie because of this I definitely wouldn't recommend it. And if your not because of this choice it is possible to survive out there.

It's good to know the UK is veggie friendly :3

For me the best country/city as a veg has been Singapore, and particularly as a vegan the excellent fast food place Veganburg.

Also Loving Hut at Plaza Semanggi in Jakarta, Indonesia was a great experience.  Otherwise Indonesia has not been so good. People are mostly very nice and friendly but the dominating culture there does not understand vegetarianism at all, so in most places it is very difficult to get veg food.  People don't speak English there much so it's difficult to communicate your needs. And even if you go to a non-veg place with a local helping you, they still may cheat and put animal products in the food and claim it is pure vegetarian.

When I was vegetarian, I went to Suriname where they had a great choice of vegetarian meals. We had to ask vegetarian food before going but when we arrived we could eat all day long ;) I wasn't there since then but my father returns every year for one month (he just love this country), he is nearly vegan and he didn't tell me that he's starving when he stays in Suriname ;)

The worst place I have been for eating vegan was my grandparents house ;) They have difficulty to accept vegetarians, but vegan? They ask me all the time what I could eat, and they only have meat in their house. But I can't avoid this place so have to accept they don't accept. ;)

I just wanted to add, that when I went to Hawaii, I was shocked at the veg*n options. I was in the restaurant and when the waitress was nearby, my family was talking about vegan options on the menu for me and she overheard and she goes, "Oh we can make vegan patties for all of the burgers." It was insane. Never had a worry once on the trip. This was on on the Big Island but also Oahu was very friendly. 

Based on my experience, I vote for South India Area, almost 80% resto there is for vegetarian, and after that i think thailand - chiangmai area have  over than 40 vegetarian resto around, and the last is ubud bali - indonesia.

anybody here have experience around guilin and chengdu area in china...?

I like to go to some religious and holy places of nida. Because religious and holy places are not allowed to used to eat any kinds of meat. So that places is safe for vegetarian people.


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