Going to do veg walk in Europe: Estonia, Poland, Germany ... May/June/July 2013

I have decided to travel to Germany and some other European countries this year, and I plan to do it mostly by walking on the roads from village to village, town to town.  I will pull a special walker's trailer behind me, my tent, sleeping bag, camping equipment, GPS, mobile chargers ...  Planning to live healthy active life, simple food, lots of exercise, good conversations with new veg friends. I hope some of them will let me to pitch my tent in their backyard.  Sometimes I may also take a train, bus or a hitch from a friendly person. 

I will start from Finland, my country of origin, in the beginning of May 2013, then I head to Estonia, from there by bus or train via Latvia and Lithuania to Poland and then to Germany. Looks like it will be natural to start in the Eastern part of the country first. My plans are not exact yet and I probably will travel without a tight schedule

So, I am open for invitations to meet and visit. My route will very much be defined by where I am welcomed to meet fellow veg people.  So you can have an impact on my route if you invite me for a visit :)



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Hi, I am a student living in western part of the Germany in a city called Paderborn near Dusseldorf, If you have this city or some other near by places as a part of your plan let me know. Though it is small room, You are welcome to stay at my place. By the way which part of Germany are you going to visit first? Post your itinerary so that I will see if there is any possibility to join you in your journey at that time. 



Thanks Kishore! Very kind! I would be happy to meet you and welcome you to join part of my trip.

I am sorry for not being able to post an itinerary because I am not going to have one. I will have plenty of time, almost 2 months on the road so I can just go as I feel like, and mostly as I will be invited for visits and meetups.  Of course you can suggest me a time to be near your town. I think I amy start near Berlin, or further South in the Eastern part, because I will likely arrive from Poland by bus or train.

Thank you Zorana. I wish I could also visit Serbia. Since I do not have an exact itinerary but I have almost 3 months time to do my travel, everything is possible. So, I hope I could see you too some day :)

Tomorrow I will come to Serbia, taking a train from Ljublajana to Belgrade. I will send you a message and hope to see you :) 

Very good idea !   I'm supporting you fully !  Maybe wi'll  see each other .  I'm from Slovenia , Maribor 

Thank you Vlasta,  I hope so too :)    Slovenia is one of the countries that I have never seen, so I hope I can some day.

From Australian perspective Europe looks so small that it is quite easy to visit other countries quickly.

Hi from Slovenia. I came to Ljublajana. I am very sorry that I didn't stop in Maibor. I forgot that you are there. May be I should come to Maribor some day, but now I have already a ticket to Serbia. Hope to see you some day :) 

Ok, here is my very initial itinerary:  Finland-Estonia-Lithuania-Czech republic-Slovenia-North Italy-Paris France- then through Germany via Denamark and Sweden back to Finland.
Sorry Zorana, looks like Serbia may be a bit far for me this time, but never know if I still change my plan during the travel, everything is possible.

In Germany I plan to move from the South to the North. Mostly I want to walk pulling my trailer along bike ways and hiking tracks, forest roads that are not difficult for pulling a trailer.  I am also going to have a solar panel on my back to charge my smart phone ;)

I am going to update my plans here too but also on my fb album  http://goo.gl/wiJll

Any further tips, invitations and friendships very welcome :)



Now I am in Skopje Macedonia and trying to make my way via Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova to Ukraine where I am oing to work as a teacher from mid September. 
So, may be now I could visit Serbia again. 


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