From Asia to Eastern Europe: Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary ...

This evening I will fly off Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul. There I wil stay in a vegetarian restaurant/hostel. Then I start backpacking trip to Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine ... and from there somehow to Finland where I am going to spend the summer cycling around.  On other sites, like Couchsurfing and Facebook I have met a few new veg friends and got invitations to meet them and even stay in some of them's places.  Best in travelling is to meet people. 
So, if anyone on the way wants to meet me, please let me know, add me as a friend, start talking ... 
Oh, so excited already  :D 

My special challenge is to find vegan food without garlic and onion!

And a special thing to do in Istanbul will be the concrete step from Asia to Eruope. They have the Asian-European border there and I want to step across it. 

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This is a great program...and istanbul is just amazing...enjoy this expirience and safe travel ;)

Thank you )  I did the trip between April and August 2015. I went to Istanbul, thn by bus to Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland. Then to Finland where I was riding bicycle around the country for 2 months.  After that I took a train to Sweden where I stayed in my friend's vegan horse farm for a while. Then I flew back to South East Asia  where I feel I belong to. 
I stayed in Malaysia in a veg relationship for a while. I also visited Philippines in November. 
In January 2016 the relationship ended and I came to Vietnam and have been staying in Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang for over 6 weeks.  I have been teaching English as a volunteer a lot and related to that have been giving information on vegan reasons and lifestyle to the students and many new friends.  Via the couchsurfing network I have been hosting vegans and vegetarians in my rented apartment. 
Next I will go to Ukraine for my second trip.  Last year I visited Lviv but now I am going to the South, to Odessa and travel around the country meeting lots of vegans and vegetarians. 


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