What is your favorite exercise? What is your favorite food to refuel after a workout?

I am going to go with dead-lifts followed by a plate of black beans, brown rice, salsa and avocado!

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Favourite exercise: Aerial Hoop

Favourite post workout meal: Scrambled tofu with mushrooms, greens and raw nut cheese

Dance is my favorite exercise. I refuel with water...

Seitan is also great if you tolerate gluten, very low calories, almost zero carbs and a lot of vegetable protein...

Favorite exercise? Walking hills, great leg development as well as cardio.

I refuel with Fiber One cereal with almond milk and peanuts, or oats and eggs.

I love jogging and dancing. It is usually followed by a breakfast or dinner-in college, it means, oats, fruits, nuts and seeds!

Cardio exercise is my favourite. I usually mix them up though, so one day do treadmill for an hour, the next biking, and so I go.

I usually eat dry roasted cashew nuts straight after the workout with cold water.

What is "cardio exercise",can you please explain that?

My favorite exercise is Martial Arts, I practice Boxing, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. After the training I refuel with water. Before, I prepare with vegetable protein, with amaranth, chia, quinoa and banana.


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