After quitting cross country a couple years ago, I gradually got more and more sedentary. I miss running very much. It has been a long time since I have had to condition myself to run. I want to get back to running distance any of you have any tips or suggestions? 

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Im in the exact situation than you.. I used to be a competition runner all my life and now because of work i stoped trainning for the last 4 years.. I feel very good since i became vegetarian but it is also cold and windy and i work in shifts so i'm always getting excuses not to go. I would say the easiest way to restart is to have someone running with you.. If only any of my friends would like to run..  Good luck!!

Hi ! I am a keen trail and mountain runner and compete, my advice for what its worth would be to join a running club for track nights , which is a great way to get into shape as its not just reliant on your self discipline ! one long run a week and a couple of short ones with a track night would be a great way to get back to where you were quickly . yoga and stretchign to ensure an injury free progression and get a roller ! 


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