In today's society there are a plethora of opinions from religious, science and humanist opinions about the decline in morality. Is morality inherited ? Are we governed by our own consciences or is there an external force, call it what you will, that has already put within us a moral code ?

And does being vegetarian/vegan give those a higher moral ground ? Does it make those who are more upright and noble in character ?

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I definitely choose to believe that we are born with a certain level of morals - a core, or starting point if you like. The teachings we receive through life may then develop or sway our thoughts/followings but I believe they initially stem from our roots x
I believe that we grow up with the values that our parents instil in us then that determines how we live our lives and that in turn determines what consequences we face and situations we get into

My morality is very different from my Mother's. We can learn by a bad example, what not to do. ( I don't want to get too into that. I love my Mother regardless.)Just because a person's morals agree with their parent's doesn't mean that's an automatic thing.

I tend to be a person who can easily see both sides to things and who will question any idea. But once decided, not one who alters the meaning of right and wrong according to taste. I made it against my morals to kill a long time ago. Once something is considered a moral for me, it's not a condition that can change. Unfortunately most seem able to do so. They say torture, enslavement, and killing are wrong but do it to animals. Further more they turn their heads away from it being done to other humans, especially in the case of children being prostituted during the superbowl. ( as well as all over the world and all of the time) It seems morality is a thing of convenience, when it doesn't interfere with their bbq or football game.

I don't think morality had declined. We have always had similar morals. But now we have the means for reporting that terrible behavior via a more sophisticated media.

Do I have a higher moral ground because I am vegan? No, the other way around.

I think its a mixture of them both, environmental and you as a person. I have four siblings we were brought up the same but were all different, im the only veggie. I came home from school when I was nine( boy that quite a while ago) and told my mum i don't want to eat dead animals anymore. I was accepted by my siblings as just being me

I don't feel morally superior for not eating meat but i have a clear conscience which i suppose makes me feel better about myself..  

Thank you for all your replies, much appreciated :-)

I think both innate characteristics as well as things we learn in society during our continuing development mold our moral character.

As far as if being vegetarian or vegan giving us some kind of noble trait that is higher than non veggies...I really don't hink so, unless our motivation for being as such a diet is altruistic, then it is that motivation that gives us some kind of moral ground or stance over others. But the diet itself, may or may not be oh so much moral than others. I can think of plenty ofmeat eaters who are just as if not more moral than a veggie person because morality spans much farther than our diet into many many fields of reality.

There are several vegans (on this site unfortunately, or not even so much lately) that have insisted that veganism is like a religious movement of sorts and were fond of calling it a movement and saying things like "we" have a responsbility blah blah blah...I find it rather cultish. I mean, if a steak eating fireman runs into a burning house and saves your baby...then the wrong thing to do would be to lay a trip on him at the cafe while he is eating his sausages and tell him that he is killing lives...ironically after he saved your baby's life.

I mean, there is a time and place for all things. Perhaps confronting people about their diet is not the best thing to do, especially in this kind of case.

I appreciate your thoughts. I agree with you too. Diet is a part of the whole persons make up. If people want to win people over to the plant based diet then humility, understanding and education are some of the ways forward I would like to believe. Arguments are never won by claiming the higher moral ground! Coming alongside people and sharing the philosophy of veganism etc will go a lot further than pointing figures :-)


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