whats the difference in a vegan and vegetarian? sorry i'm new to this

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Vegans do not eat meat, eggs, honey, milk, cheese, generally animal products. They donot wear fur, leather, wool, etc.

oh ok ty for your response 

Veganism is a lifestyle based on non-violence in any aspect. A vegan person will typically avoid supporting any kind of animal exploitation, be it:

in their eating style (they'll follow a PURE vegetarian diet i.e. no eggs or dairy either),

animal experimentation (avoid purchasing any products that are tested on animals or even, ideally, any products from any company that supports animal experimentation in any way),

the pet industry (adopt or rescue, never pay money for animals which ends up supporting breeding and horrific operations like puppy mills),

fashion (avoid supporting the leather and fur industry) or entertainment (zoos, circuses, theme parks like Sea World and even animals in film - hooray for CGI!!)

To learn more about these five aspects, watch www.earthlings.com - be warned, it often shows very disturbing footage about what really happenes behind the scenes.

Peace :)


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