Positive thinking is also regularly checking and changing ourselves.We support each other yet are aware of our own powerful roles.The more responsible we are for ourselves,the better we function with others.We are aware of our weaknesses but choose to cooperate by focusing on and working with our strengths and uplifting ourselves and each other.Cooperation also means that when we do for others,we must have the right thought and intention and if we're unwilling,resistant or resentful while doing,no one will be happy.Our intention or thought creates a vibration and this vibration creates our attitude.When we're happy with our self, we will reflect that with others. Just as when we're not happy with our self, that  will reflect toward others also…

Each time we catch ourselves wanting to criticize or judge someone,stop… breathe, pack it up and get rid of it… Go within for a few seconds, silence is good re-centering.It gives us a chance to become cool.This is simple and enables us to respond rather than to react ,when we react, we instantly dis-empower ourselves.When we do this, normally negativity starts to flow, and the judgement and criticizing follows behind it...


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