It seems a must to be vegetarian when You walk a spiritual path its as if your body wants to be at its best ?

I find how the more I became spiritual the more my body rejected things or informed me they certain things were no use ...Its amazing how this happens .. with me being much more in depth with my learning and understanding I see that when you go up you have to meet where your spiritual path is all the way its as if you are pulled up even though gravity attempts to do what it does and pull you down however in your spirituallness its as if you come to a hault when you are not aligned with your overall purpose not able to move forward in purpose A purpose you can feel and see and know 

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Awesome ..yes I believe that as well 

Thank you for the awareness link too Gerett !

Hinduism/Buddhism/Jainism also forbid onions and garlic for people who want to follow a spiritual path.

I've personally observed both of these do decrease my "spiritualness"

The reason that scriptures give are that onion and garlic can make people loose their focus of the mind and stimulate bad thoughts.

One of the main aims of spirituality is mind control. It has been said that the mind can wander so fast; faster than wind or light. For example, we could totally imagine that we are on planet Mars right now :) That much is the power of the mind. 

Of course, another reason could be the bad body smell because of onion/garlic but I don't think this is the main reason that the scriptures forbid eating onion/garlic.


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