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Ital or I-tal is food often celebrated by those in the Rastafari movement. The word derives from the English word "vital", with the initial syllable replaced by I.  This is done to many words in the Rastafari vocabulary (which see) to signify the unity of the speaker with all of nature. Rastafari derive their beliefs and morality from intense personal meditations and prayer, and therefore there is no single dogma of Rastafari belief. Due to this emphasis on individual personal meditation in Rastafari, the expression of Ital eating varies widely from Rasta to Rasta, and there are few universal "rules" of Ital living.

The primary goal of adhering to an Ital diet is to increase Livity, or the life energy that Rastafari generally believe lives within all human beings, as conferred from the Almighty. A common tenet of Rastafari beliefs is the sharing of a central Livity among living things, and what is put into one's body should enhance Livity rather than reduce it. Though there are different interpretations of ital regarding specific foods, the general principle is that food should be natural, or pure, and from the earth; Rastafari therefore often avoid food which is chemically modified or contains artificial  additives. Some also avoid added salt in foods, while pure sea or kosher salt is eaten by some. In strict interpretations, foods that have been produced using chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizer are not considered Ital.

Ital is Vital

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First: mix olive oil, 1-2 dl, or 1 cup (or whatever amount you like to get them croutons good and soaked), with minced garlic. let it set in the refrigerator,  in the mean time:

crushed tomatoes (2 cans)

Tomatoe juice (1 liter)

1 red pepper (finely chopped)

1 onion (finely chopped)

1 tbs red wine vinegar

2 tbs olive oil

Tabasco/hot sauce (as you wish)

1 ts sugar (to balance the vinegar)

Salt and pepper to your liking.. (I use half a ts of salt, and hardly any pepper)

Put it in a pot and let it all simmer..

Get some bread and chop it up to 1x1 pieces - put them in a bowl and get your hands dirty rubbing the garlic oil into it.. Let it set for a min.

Place the croutons to bake in the oven until they're crisp (not burned) at 200 C. (be sure to watch it!)

Chop up some organic cucumber  

Taste the soup - it should have soft peppers and onions and be a bit hot. 

Pour the soup into separate bowls, add a splash of VEGAN sour cream, the amount of cucumber you like and add croutons. 

Last thing: add some basil leafs on top to show off.



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