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Not an Indian recipe (sorry!) I was just wondering what to watch out for when eating at an Indian restaurant as I was hoping to go for a nice meal out a local one next month. I have heard mention of ghee and wondering what that would likely be in? In supermarkets sauces like bhuna and madras (i think) are often vegan friendly - does anyone know what sauces are likely to be vegan friendly at a restaurant? and the vegetable side dishes usually vegan friendly? Also starters - on the menu there is vegetable samosas, onion bhajis and 'bora lentils, onions and spices' which I think should be okay?

I will ask when I ring up to book a table but would be helpful to know what to look out for as a lot of places don't really know what I am talking about or know what a vegan is. I have ordered vegetarian rices and biryanis before not knowing that they included egg and a biryani I ordered before was vegetables, meat and also had a massive egg on top which was quite unexpected!

Thank you :)

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indians hv a lovely vareity of veg food but limited vegan food n a huge array of non veg. best thing is tell dem specifically wat u want... most of them hv ghee u must tell dem not to include...

i think samosas n onion bajjis are fine....south indian food is more vegan frndly tan north indian as per my understanding....

Vegan food is usually less even in Vegetarian indian restaurants.

Lookout for paneer. Its not vegan. And ghee too! its clarified butter, so not vegan. its usually added for additional taste in the end, so some dish can be made vegan with the exclusion of ghee.

Most of the rice dish are vegan. Also samosas, bhajis, papads, chats.

Biriyanis can be veg or egg or meat. i usually order veg biriyani. Afaik, its vegan. But sometimes it may come with a side dish called raita which is not vegan.

Most of the breads like naan, roti, chapati, puris are all vegan. Just make sure they don't add ghee (usually they don't)

Among south indian foods, vadas are vegan. idlis are not. dosas can be. Pongal can be (if no ghee). Upma/kitchari can be (if no ghee)

soups like rasam and other lentil based dish are usually vegan. Many south indian rice dish are also vegan (tamarind rice, coconut rice, bisi bela bath, sambar rice)

i lakshman.. y do u say idlis are not vegan...? i thought they are...! :) do let us know...

you are right! i was remembering rava idli. normal idlis are vegan.

wats rava idli?

its another type of idle made of ravai (semolina). very tasty too :)


since it has curd (yoghurt), its not vegan



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