And so the first thing I have on my own mind to discuss is my hypoglycemia. I have struggled with it for many many years now and I was convinced that I found an answer for it long ago. For the most part, it has not bothered me as much as it used to, but I also just realized that part of that has not been because I have cured it, but because my life has adapted to it and sometimes my life is so hectic that I think other problems are existing and not this one...but I just realized that maybe my hypoglycemia is what is causing other problems.

For instance, I suffer from lack of energy and laziness from time to time and also I frequently get throat infections. Both these problems are caused by eating sugars because for one thing, I am hypoglycemic which means my pancreas does not convert sugars very well into energy. When I eat sugars, my blood sugar level goes high and then crashes down to a low instead of stabilizing at a happy medium.

And the other thing is that sugars cause coldness in the body according to Tibetan and other Eastern medicinal systems. So when the body gets cold, then it is possible to get various problems such as throat infections and who knows what else. I know that my digestion is also poor which may also be caused by eating too many cold foods. Salad is also a cold food so my doctor recommends that I eat mostly cooked foods and foods which do not cause coldness.

Okay, so I have all the advice I need and also some ideas on how to counter my problems. I often eat less sugar and eat foods which stabilize sugars like tofu. I also know of sweeteners which stabilize sugar like agave nectar or maple syrup.However...guess what? Sometimes I really need a sugar buzz!!! Right now I went out and bought a big bottle of coca cola and I am drinking a glass of it with some ice and boy it feels good. There are no juices and natural drinks out there that give me that amount of buzz I need to feel at peace. But I don't do it all the time, but sometimes I need to binge.

So I am also wondering if any others out there with hypoglycemic problems have similar experiences and have practical advice or support to offer. Does my experience tally with yours? I really need to find a solution and I don't think just taking away sugar is a solution. I think I need some medicine to stabilize my sugar. I am finally ready to admit that. I wonder then what it would be like to be a normal person who enjoys sugars normally without any bad effects.

I am hoping this week to improve my sleep and energy levels and so forth. I think I am totally into change all of a sudden because it happens to be my birthday today and so I am going to celebrate today by trying to make some changes in my diet and life so that I can be more stable and progressive in anything I do.

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Are you familiar with FullyRaw? It is the creation of Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram and she suffered from Hypoglycemia but used a raw vegan lifestyle to regain her health. Read more here. She has amazing, healthy and delish!! I hope this helps :)

actually, a fully raw diet might kill me!!! because my digestion is not so strong and eating raw fruits and vegetables requires some strong digestion, unless they are easy to digest fruits and veggies.

I know that carrots are hard for my digestion and I am taking tibetan medicine to improve my digestion. I wonder if any raw experts know now to guide those with weak digestion? if so, that would be great. the original raw food club I used to hang with knew nothing about health conditions and one of our members died because he lacked nutrients in his body.

Hi Fruitfly:) I don't have enough time to write about how you can reverse your hypoglycemia but it is possible. Replacing sugar is a good start. I wrote a post with more info here: Be well...

okay... I will check it out. thanks!


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