Well there could be many reasons, but most reasoning of almost anything we do in life comes from love or hatred.  For instance, you can play tennis because  you love it, or you can play it because you simply hate other sports and you have to do something.

Similarly, some people hate the idea of eating meat because of seeing animals die. Others don't think much about the subject of animals as food, but they just feel inclined to be vegetarian for reasons of loving vegetables!

Loving vegetables could be also for loving animals, but also for loving animals (not seeing them hurt).

So it is all intertwined, but so I guess what i am getting at, do you think for any reason, does vegetarianism help you to be more loving and less hateful, or is it unrelated?

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It's so nice to hear how you stuck to your beliefs even after people have tried to put you off! Well done.

May I ask where you are from? What health issues did the doctors try to blame vegetarianism on?

I initially went vegan for health reasons and I've stayed vegan for the animals. <3 :-) 

Firstly , I believe in code of " no killing "
Secondly , a study of microbiology shows: vegan have more DHA absorb over last on vegetarian and meat eaters .
Although Pescetarian have highest DHA , but fishes is a living being and the overloaded mercury poison would end up having a cancer so I decided to turn vegan .
Lastly , there was this one interesting person both in history and current era both approached extreme athletic as a vegan , so I decide to give it a try .


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