Would you stay vegan if you found out it's killing your health?

( hypothetically speakin )

Let me know down below.

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No, i'm following nature's design so i do my best to maintain the system perfectly.

But I mean what if it was only unhealthy for YOU to be vegan? What if only your body couldn't take it because there was something wrong with it? Would you still stay vegan or change?

Yes i would change it that's what i mean :) But to be honest i would rather die because i have to eat meat and stuff..

What if the whole world was vegan and only you had to eat animals to survive?

Like i said, i would rather die out of hunger!

I could never eat meat or fish again. If that means I am going to die early, so be it. I don't think I deserve my life more than any other living being :) For me it is a little bit the same as choosing between eating human flesh for survival or dying. For me it's not even an option so I'd rather die. But I don't know what I would do if I could only survive if I ate eggs again. It probably depends on where I can get the eggs.. Luckily we will never have to face such a situation ! :D

I like your way of thinking, very selfless, great :)


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