Just something that crosses my mind from time to time.

Would you keep a pet (or as I like to call them, animal friends) if they were the sort of animal friend that lives in cages like Rabbits, mice, turtles, fish etc?

At my house we have two cats and will one day give a dog or two a loving home but they are free to run around and CLEARLY enjoy our company :) as most cats and dogs do.

But what about other animals? I mean yea YOU might love them but do they love being in a cage?

As a side not we also have goldfish because we have a fishpond. It came with the house and the fish already in it and its a decent size :)

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It's a question similar to does child from Nigeria like to have only one meal in two days. He/she doesn't know anything better but she/he deserves to have better. With animals it's even worse. They are in cages not because there are no other options but because humans need to have alive room decorations. I hate people who buy pets in cage. 

I don't like seeing animals in small cages, it is too unnatural and can't be psychologically healthy for them.. I think it's different when people have a large fenced space outside where rabbits for example can run around freely and with others of its kind. 

I would love to keep fish, and have been gathering information on that. If I do I will definitely get a huge fish tank with more than enough space to prevent stress or boredom, a lot of diversity and keep in mind the special needs of the kinds of fish I will keep. Most fish are kept in too small spaces which will make them unhappy/stressed. I will never keep any animal unless I know I can provide it with a high quality life.

The only way I would get a caged pet is if it was a rescue that needed a home anyway. I thought about adopting a rescue snake at one point. 

When I was younger I had a rabbit.. We kept him in the cage for a very short while until he was litter trained and then he had a big room to roam and rabbits like dark smaller areas, so we put an old countertop with no backing in there. He spent his time in there if we were not in that room or if he wasn't roaming the rest of the house.


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