Just something that crosses my mind from time to time.

Would you keep a pet (or as I like to call them, animal friends) if they were the sort of animal friend that lives in cages like Rabbits, mice, turtles, fish etc?

At my house we have two cats and will one day give a dog or two a loving home but they are free to run around and CLEARLY enjoy our company :) as most cats and dogs do.

But what about other animals? I mean yea YOU might love them but do they love being in a cage?

As a side not we also have goldfish because we have a fishpond. It came with the house and the fish already in it and its a decent size :)

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This is a good question. When I was younger, we kept a rabbit in a cage. It seemed cruel to me- since if we didn't have time, the poor thing would sit in there for the majority of the day. That's no kind of life. While we may want a certain friend in our lives, if we can't provide them proper space, etc., then I think it's better to do without. It sucks but you know, that's just how I feel, I agree with you.

No matter how much you want to have an animal friend with you at home I think it's selfish to confine them in a small space.

My heart breaks whenever I see a bird or a mouse in a cage or fish in a fishbowl. Animals are just like humans, they feel, they enjoy, they suffer. I believe it's better not to have any animal friends at home rather than having them to enjoy their company whenever it is convenient, but making them miserable for most of their time. It's simply egoistic.

If on the other hand, you can provide them with all they need (company and welfare) it's a good deed, and certainly a joy and pleasure for you, to have them at home with you :)

Thanks to mans tyranny there are countless species trapped in our modern artificial World through no fault of their own!whilst  we are all craving freedom for all and their natural enviroments be returned to  there former glory ,we have a duty to enhance any creatures predicament if we can...idealism alone does absaloutely nothing if its not carried out by action..Around 30 years ago i visited fur-farms and was horrified at the tiny cages the poor Chinchillas were were forced  to  live in ,to add insult to injury the females  had a hard collar bolted to their necks to stop them following the male,not unlike the rape rack system for Sow"s in pig farming....Over the years i have rescued hundreds,infact my whole bungalow is full of very large cages that i am always trying to improve for the animals welfare,theres not a day goes by that dosent leave me sulking of why the Chinchillas had to be faced with horrible mans cruelty like so many other species!We as humans have taken their space  so imo we should share what little is left.

:( That is horrible! The rape rack system is indeed horribly disgusting and cruel, I wasn't aware of similar treatment for chinchillas. Again, I just love hearing you talk about your activism, and the little beauties you have saved :3 You are an incredibly inspiring person.

Maybe like a bird or something. I like exotic birds, but I wouldn't put them in a conventional bird cage. I'd probably just give them like a really big enclosure type thing. But, if I had macaws, I'd let them run around the house.

I have had pets all my life, every different kind you can think of, many that could not roam free in the house.  I remember every time we had a caged animal, I usually let it run/fly around the house as often as possible :)  My cockatiels were loose most of the day and saw their cage as a safe haven where they willingly went on their own at night.  I even let my snake crawl around outside in summer.  When I had frogs, they were not in tiny tanks, I made elaborate terrariums for them up to 50gal for a frog the size of the end of my thumb. 

Now that I've woken up and gone vegan, I would never buy a pet from a breeder or pet store again and support the pet industry, but I can not say I won't have pets.  I always will.  Animals are one of my passions and it feels terrible to have none in my life at all.  Every pet I have from now on will be from a shelter or rescue place.  I can't say I'd never have a caged animal, because if there's a choice between putting an animal to sleep or keeping it in a cage, I'd rather make it as comfortable as possible considering the circumstances.  Pets just cannot be released into the wild for many many reasons that a lot of people don't understand, so taking in an unwanted animal is the next kindest thing possible to do for it.  I don't like it when some vegans claim keeping any pet is cruel...in a perfect world, that would be true, but the fact of the matter is that we do not live in a perfect world.  Humans have created animals that cannot live in the wild and moved species to places where they cannot survive, so often being wild is just not possible, so I think its more humane to take in homeless animals as long as other people keep producing them.

That is interesting about cockatiels, they do love their "personal space"- i.e., having an enclosure to retreat to at certain times. I let my cockatiels have the run of the house but I kept the cage they were brought in, and they spent a LOT of time in there haha.

My son got 2 hermit crabs for a present.  They were in a tiny plastic crate.  I got them a 20 gal aquarium with lots of trees and things to climb on.  I would let them free, but they were bred in captivity and they would surly die.   I hope I am giving them a better life than they had at the pet store, though I never would have purchased them in the first place! 

Sure, no problem. We have two rabbits and I guarantee you that their level of living is higher than mine or ours. The only disadvantage is that sometimes they are a bit bored. Most of the day they sleep. If alone, in cages of course, but in our presence they can go almost anywhere in flat. They use chairs and are used to have dinner at the same time with us. They would follow you wherever you are going. They love to sleep below table or in some corner like dogs. They receive love from each other and from us, great nutrition and medical care in case of need.

Sometimes we have doubts who is the lord of the room.

Btw: both were bought from pet centers - so actually saved from worse people and conditions or being snake snacks.

Also I need to highlight that they like aromtherapy with lavender oil and prefer some kind of music to others.(no joke)

You don't necessarily have to keep any pet in a cage. My sister owns a snake and frequently has him out. He is probably more out of the cage than in it, besides sleeping and whatever. Same with my friend who owns a rabbit. She is always running around her room with the option of going in and out of her cage to drink, eat, sleep, or whatever.

Though fish may be different but I feel like fish don't really understand that they're in a cage so they probably don't mind anyway.

Yes to which question? 

Yes as long as it is a large enough cage. I have 4 birds a cockatiel, a African grey, a yellow naped amazon, and a blue and gold macaw. the cockatiel loves his cage most of the time he does NOT want to come out I try to make her come out at least 3-4 times a week and my mom makes her come out a few times a week too. the Grey, Amazon, and Macaw have the right size cages for their size (if it is too big they can get out or get something stuck and too small they could possibly break the cage) plus they all have stands downstairs and the amazon has one in my room too. theyre out with us almost all the time we are home obviously not including sleeping and I change their food and water everyday and ii clean the cages like every 2 days. Also I sometimes bring the amazon places with me I have had him for 3 years so I can totally handle him in every situation. The macaw hates me and bites me every chance she gets I haven't been able to hold her for months but she is in love with my mom so my mom mostly deals with her and the Grey is pretty timid and has been plucking so we don't really bring her places because we don't want to stress her out at all but she likes going in the back yard. Its kinda complicated the Grey has been plucking for about 3 years since her second owner (my moms cousins boyfriend) moved and left she was in love then my moms cousin had her for a while then she died and the plucking got a bit worse so we got her and the macaw in October but some of her feathers are starting to grow back :) I have had birds since I was like 8 I see no problem with pets in cages as long as they get enough exercise and love and have a person that knows what they are doing


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