I find it very rare to come across vegans in mainstream TV, but today I was watching Season 1 of True Blood, and Amy Burly (Jason's Psychopathic Girlfriend that kidnaps a vamp with him) calls herself an Organic Vegan, eats mostly raw food, and has a carbon footprint close to zero.

Despite all this she does V- I would describe that as an animal product, kidnaps a vampire and keeps him like an animal in substandard conditions etc

She's also depicted as a psychopath.

I was just wondering if, given that true blood was real, would any vegans do V?

I'm guessing the majority wouldn't kidnap a vamp,

And some vegans go vegan to feel more alive- V juice makes you feel more alive

In a sexual setting, drinking each other's blood would probably be more acceptable,  but that's a fine line between just drinking a regular person's blood.

I'm rambling, anyway, discuss!

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Wtf is "do V"?

Nope, I would not do V. However I would not keep any humans in a captive way and would rather feed off willing participants :) 

I would do V if a vampire was willing to give me some. I love experimenting with drugs. I would definitely not kidnap or torture a vampire to do it though, or buy it from a source I wasn't sure where it came from.

I think I would try it, only willingly as if it wee given to me. I love TB by the way!


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