Whether you're Vegan or Vegetarian, eating processed foods leads to a myriad of health and animal cruelty concerns. Just think about the fact that nearly one half of all processed foods contain palm oil! Would you consider banning processed foods (everything in the center isles of the grocery store), or even restricting your purchases to whole foods... fruits & veggies, corn meal, flour, beans and rice etc... to save the orangutans and the rain forest? The following link gives great information on this important topic but have your tissues ready before you click it.



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This is in response to your last reply since I cannot reply again in the post below, so I reply here.

Your reply:

"100% raw veganism is quite beyond common understandability. We have some fruitarians here in this website who may show up to give a brief.

However, it is not impossible. Many spiritual practicers have achieved that through trainings. For example, Some Taoist sects are 100% raw vegans but they don't eat cereals and dried beans at all. And that is another topic relates to the mind power. By certain rigorous trainings, the mind can be strengthened to such an extent that it is able to modify the normal bodily system by command. But certain procedures and conditions should be straightly obeyed to avoid fatal damages.

Wikipedia should be quite a reliable source in deed,because its contents are digested outcome of expertise of so many experts from all over the world. Those people who provided the knowledge often follow up to make correction if any sabotaging editings are found. But if you should take any content from Wikipedia for important assignment, you must revisit the page several times in days to assure nothing's gone wrong.

Since raw veganism is quite a new topic for universities, they still need more time to come out with reliable sources. But even professors and students depend on the resources from the internet for their researches and treatises these days."

Sorry but you DO NOT reply my query on your reply:

"cereals and dried beans should be cooked even for the 100% raw vegans. If not they may die of indigestion as we are not birds. Vegetation such as egg-plants, bitter melon can kill if eaten in raw. Spinach, tomatoes and carrots provide better nutrients when they are cooked. Potatoes,sweet potatoes, taros and okras taste like shit if eaten uncooked so only idiots can do that."

100% means 100%. Raw vegans eat whatever that can be eaten raw, hence if your statement is such, then raw vegans cannot eat those food mentioned! If cereals and dried beans must be cooked for 100% raw vegans, then I can safely say that raw vegans cannot eat these since they eat nothing cooked. I repeat: NOTHING. Some raw vegans employ plenty of nightshades in their recipes by the way (Try FullyRawKristina, for example)

Wikipedia can be edited freely, hence it is not really reliable. The best reliable sources are journals, encyclopedias and research papers from universities and unbiased sources, e.g. universities, WHO etc. rather than institutions paid by any form of organization or sites carrying particular ideologies, Getting information first-hand is the ideal way to gain information for research and assignments. In my college, should we cite from Wikipedia, we may be failed.

Something that is not yet widely researched should NOT be generalised too. Until there are solid researches, we should not generalise anything and instead read up, do some research or if possible, experiment for the best (definitely not on animals of course)

"Since raw veganism is quite a new topic for universities, they still need more time to come out with reliable sources. But even professors and students depend on the resources from the internet for their researches and treatises these days."

Fine! How can you say that raw veganism is THE perfect diet? There are people who are healthy and happy on this diet. However, more research is required, especially since the food today is tainted. The end!

You should approach those 100% raw vegans in this website to ask them whether they are allowed to take any cooked food or not, since I've not claimed that I'm a 100% raw vegan. And I have not claim that I'm an all-knowing.

One of the reasons why your and my country is so degraded is because many of its citizens believe that journals are unbiased.

If you can find someone who totally knows no superiority, prejudice and pride in any universities in the world, then surely you have the reason to state that universities are unbiased.

Anyway, if you personally believe that universities are unbiased, then you should have believed 100% of what your lecturers said without any objection at all, and spacecrafts, satellites and all high-techs should have not emerged today.

While the scientists are still arguing whether certain diseases are derived from food or not, why don't you stop eating first until they have come up with an absolute answer?

People simply tell others about their good examples and experiences of beneficiary practices, and needless to say it's totally free for a person to choose from. And that is what discussions are for, simply to generate more options. Is anyone being forced to do what he/she doesn't like so far?

I agree. It's not just the fact that you depend on a whole food diet rich in nutrients and phytonutrients, it's also that you get rid of all the chemicals, hormones, dyes, and poisons in the basic human diet, at least in America.

I will never consider going raw. Granted, going raw is healthy BUT it does not work for everyone. Some thrive on raw foods, some are cooked, some others go better as an omnivore etc. (Which I don't know the reason behind it) Different diets work for different people. Personally, I have a "cold"body type and if I eat more than 4 fruits a day,I will go sick, let alone going raw! I need lots of vegetables, some nuts, some seeds, some fruits... a little bit out of everything except for dairy and meat and processed foods of course. With that being said, I avoid processed foods as much as possible and stick to whole foods.

Besides, being on a budget, I don't think it is possible to buy organic food ALL THE TIME, which, I opine is important for raw foodists. I'm sure that many will disagree on this, but here in Malaysia, organic food is at least THREE TIMES more costly than its conventional counterparts. A dehydrator? Forget about it :(

After completing a 22-day juicing fast last year, I was 100% raw vegan for about 2-3 months coming off the fast. I ate absolutely zero cooked food. It was honestly the best I have ever felt in my life and I hope someday to get back to it for that reason. It can be difficult to maintain mostly due to how we are raised in todays world. Cooking meals with family or friends or going out to dinner don't work so it can make you feel quite isolated. Making sure you always had food with you was also a challenge. If I got caught up somewhere longer than I planned and started to get hungry it became pretty difficult to deny myself cooked foods until I was able to get back home (or to the market) to pick up something raw and fresh. I have a 6-tray dehydrator and was able to make things like flax crackers and dried fruit leathers which did help as they keep very well for snacking. 

I just buy beans, grains, fruits and vegetables but I hadn't go raw. I find it so hard to eat so much volume.


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