Whether you're Vegan or Vegetarian, eating processed foods leads to a myriad of health and animal cruelty concerns. Just think about the fact that nearly one half of all processed foods contain palm oil! Would you consider banning processed foods (everything in the center isles of the grocery store), or even restricting your purchases to whole foods... fruits & veggies, corn meal, flour, beans and rice etc... to save the orangutans and the rain forest? The following link gives great information on this important topic but have your tissues ready before you click it.



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Haha I have a hard time eating bananas too! I sometimes do, if I get some chocolate to add to them- or peanut butter, or a shake, etc. but it's rare. Must be you're getting enough of their nutrients so your body doesn't crave them? Perhaps :)! Our bodies are very smart about what we need sometimes!

I had been raw for 6 months and then when winter came...I went back to being a vegan but I truly miss it. In the summer one can bring a bigger variety of organic fruits and veggies (in my neck of the woods) which made it easy. Between juicing, dehydrating and using my raw food cook books and food processor, I did very well. I ate a LOT and all of the time. I am working towards it once again.

One thing I do remember was that when you start getting into the groove of it, you will have to learn how to balance your greens, fruits and then add fat to your diet. I remember how I was "lacking" something and then starting eating more seeds, nuts and avacado to balance my lower fat veggies/fruits. It is all about balance.

There are so many resources out there for raw foodists...it is fantastic. One of our favorite snacks is Kale chips made in the dehydrator. SO Yummy!

Raw as I understand it means Uncooked, not simply avoiding processed food. 

I believe the raw food group to be pretty fringe. Humans discovered fire for a reason and I intend using it to prepare my food, except for salads. LOL 

uh, yeah :P

An argument that I consistently get in with non-veg people is over the effects of adaption to anatomy and diet. They argue that we are not made to digest cellulose, which is to an extent true (we don't have multiple stomachs like primary herbivores) and that the development of cooking has made the digestion of cellulose possible.

This being said, I understand and appreciate the sentiment about eating raw, and avoiding processed foods. We should however be conscious of the foods that we eat. Not everything raw, is worthwhile to eat. Corn for example is primarily cellulose. So when eating raw, it is important that one is actually eating things consistent with a proper diet. Otherwise cooking will actually help break down some of the cellulose enabling it to be digested.

I have pretty strong opinions towards raw because I had a very negative experience as a raw foodist. On my current (cooked) plant-based diet, I do most to all of my shopping at local farmer's markets and bulk sections at whole foods because it's cheap and environmentally friendly. I would encourage everyone to do the same :) 

I am about 90% raw vegan other than the odd cooked dinner once or twice a week would be 100% but im traveling the world at the moment 

Well-said, Spring! Not to mention that it is cheaper and practical! Plus, I don't see how raw veganism contributes towards saving the animals more than veganism does, provided that the ingredients used are ethically sourced. The key is balance: what's meant to be eaten raw should be eaten raw; what's meant to be cooked should be eaten cooked.

Raw veganism is perfect for health. But take it moderately. For those veggies that must not be taken raw for nutrients and appetite reasons, simply slight-steam or dip-boil. If dip boil we must drink the soup-remains so that no nutrients will be wasted. The gist of raw vaganism is to avoid additives including salt, sugar and sauces.

Once we have practiced raw vaganism for some time, our senses become amusingly sharp. Some supernatural senses will also emerge along. Because it is just a natural way to train and explore the senses, as our senses are so deceived and numbed by the illusionary worldly attractions.

And of cause it saves us a lot of time.

"Raw veganism is perfect for health."

Please be careful with general statements like this. There is no proof yet.

Yes there are several people that are surviving but thats it, no bloodtests over decades no longtime studies etc. etc. .

People often say "Listen to what your body tells you" ... good thing for bacteria-/virusinfections plus several vitamin deficits but not for everything. It is the same with raw (vegan) diet. How does a b12 deficit feels like? Anyone?
Who has a gas chromatograph at home and can tell me that there is b12 in what he/she eats.

(just mentioning b12 issue because it is the most popular these days. ;) )

To come back to the topic, my personal opinion is: vegetarian for health, vegan for animals, raw vegan for health. (raw vegan means the step from veganism to raw)

In my country it is pretty normal to be a vegetarian and if you are a vegan people will look at you like they looked at vegetarians some years ago. In the past there were alot of medical studies connected to vegetarianism and now it is veganism and I am pretty sure when veganism has the status of popularity of vegetarianism of today then there will be more research for raw veganism.

To sum it up I would say that raw veganism is more exotic and less researched than veganism and therefore it is a risk. But a risk you dont have to take for the animals, for your health maybe but there is nothing sure yet...

I wouldnt consider it right now because I want to be a good example for passive animalprotection. If I would be a raw vegan I think I would be too far away from omnivores and vegetarians and people will not even consider my point of view. Also I am under way alot and it is not as convinient as veganism is ;)

Veganism is for both the animals and better health. Raw-veganism is perfect for health, but not by the extreme practices that eat everything in raw, because some raw vegetations will even kill you! One must continuously research and seek knowledge .

The gist of raw veganism is to avoid artificial and harmful additives, commercial processings and home-preparations causing the lost of raw nutrients.

Most vitamin deficits are caused by the unnecessary cooking methods and commercial processings that “cook and process away” those nutrients that can only be absorbed in raw.

Many vegetations should be taken raw for their complete nutrients supply. But the commercial even processes simple fruits into fancy juices to cheat your money and health! Some essential nutrients are thrown away along with the peels. But peels contain pesticides these days. So one must work out something to solve this problem. Soaking apples and pears in running water is one good solution.

It is a big lie to say that only animal-products contain vitamin B12 because vitaminB12 is actually microorganism that can only be produced by bacterias or microbes! Even if a person takes supplementaries for B12(Cobalt), it can't be absorbed by the human body because the human body can only absorb the live-form of organic cobalt contained in microbes. The problem of B12 deficit can only be solved when a person intake enough raw vegetations to generate complete micro-fermentation process done by the beneficial bacterias in our bodies. (Complete analysis: http://www.vibrancyuk.com/B12.html)

The so called scientific-proofs are just investments by the capitalists to seek supports and conformities for their products. Just ask yourselves who pay for those scientific researches? Where are all those governmental funds come from? Who pay the most of taxes? You? Surely not! As they've been combating so hard for years to sustain their businesses despite sacrificing the human well-being, how many times our history has proved their bias and false statements?

Simply ask any of the raw vegans here in these website and they'll tell you how healthy they are and how beautiful they look like!

Just take a pause and think. If the majorities, trends and popularities are always right, why are there still so many unsolved diseases and problems exist these days?

Selfishly pursuing personal healthiness can't beat the well-being derived form love and compassion, As spirituality generates positive emotions and micro-biochemicals that further benefit the physical body. Conversely, conscientious self-guilts in subconsciousness generate harmful micro-biochemicals between neurons that further lead to deadly diseases and bodily malfunctions.

Even fuel-aircraft was exotic hundred years ago, just like how we see the flying saucer that fueled by unimaginable energies that we'll use to travel the space in the next two hundred years (if the bloody human race have not extinguished themselves).

Of course all are only opinions and opinions are only references for personal choices which are free to make. Convenience is one of the most important factors to consider. The boundary line here is that doing no harms to animals is enough for our conscience and personal spiritual well-being.


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